Advantages of Using a Nurse-Midwife

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These days, most people expect a doctor to be in the delivery room. We’ve grow accustomed to it. Believe it or not, though, that’s a fairly recent development. For centuries, the majority of babies were delivered by midwives. In many parts of the world, most babies still are.

As long as your pregnancy is not considered particularly high risk, having a nurse-midwife work with you throughout your pregnancy may still be an option. In fact, in the past 20 to 30 years, it has become increasingly common for women to choose to have their babies delivered by a nurse-midwife.

Reasons Women Choose a Midwife

Every woman is different. Each will have her own reasons for deciding whether she would like to have her baby delivered by a doctor of by a nurse-midwife. Here are some of the more common reasons women choose to have their baby delivered by a nurse-midwife:

  • More personal service. Many moms-to-be find that a midwife is able to give them more personal attention than a doctor can. Typically, a nurse-midwife will work with you throughout your pregnancy and will take care of most of the same services a doctor could.
  • More flexibility during childbirth. Some nurse-midwives work strictly out of hospitals, but some offer you the choice of delivering your baby at home.
  • More conducive to natural childbirth. Nurse-midwives tend to let nature run its course, and are less inclined to rush a C-section or induce labor.
  • More focused service. Nurse midwives focus on offering only one service: the care of expectant mothers and their babies. While a doctor has somewhat more education, a nurse-midwife’s education, training, and experience are all centered on delivering babies.
  • Lower cost. If cost is a factor for childbirth, especially for those with inadequate insurance, using a nurse-midwife is generally less expensive than using an OB/GYN’s services.
  • Personal comfort level. Many women opting for a nurse-midwife simply felt more comfortable with the nurse-midwife than with a doctor.

If you do choose to use the services of a nurse-midwife, make sure that she is affiliated with a local hospital and that there will be a doctor assigned to you as well. Most deliveries can be accomplished without a doctor. Still, it is important to have one on call, just in case surgery becomes necessary.

More and more women are opting for a nurse-midwife instead of a doctor. Is that a choice you would feel comfortable with?


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