Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Childless Family

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If you’re thinking of having a baby, there are a number of things to consider. Do your friends or siblings have children? Will you be able to afford it? Is your relationship stable? All this needs to be considered before making the decision to extend your family.


There are many good reasons to remain child-free:

  • The biggest advantage of remaining childless is freedom. Couples without children don’t have to find babysitters or daycare. They are able to go out to dinner, dancing or to the movies without worrying about the little ones.
  • Raising children is expensive. Childless couples are often better off financially than their counterparts. They don’t have to support a child or children from birth to eighteen years old.
  • Couples who don’t have children have more time to devote to each other. This helps get closer. That’s not to say couples with children aren’t close in their marriage. They have other responsibilities to handle before each other.
  • Childless couples eat better on average.
  • It is easier for the couple to spend their time at work or complete their education.


Of course with the pros are the cons:

  • The most obvious disadvantage of being childless is that you don’t have a little one to love, raise and influence. For some couples, this is a big part of living, and the thought of missing out is almost unbearable.
  • Couples without kids often feel they are misfits from their friends who have children. They find it difficult to maintain relationships with each other. The community in general also has a tendency to look at child-free couples as abnormal.
  • In the cases where bearing children is not a choice, such as infertility, the couple can be sensitive about the subject. Peers who are unaware of this situation might accidentally do irreparable damage to their relationship with the couple.

Ultimately, the choice to remain childless or not is yours. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before adding to your family.

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