5 Smart Tips To Trim Your Grocery Bills


Some costs in life are unavoidable. People must pay their bills, and taxes cannot be avoided. In addition, some costs appear to be fixed. Groceries, in particular, are a constant expense that must be paid. There are, however, techniques to save money on grocery bills. Here are five tips to consider.

1. Buy generic

Name brand products are generally considered to be higher quality, but this is often not the case. In fact, many generic products are created by the producers of the name brands. By trying generic products, it may be possible to reduce one’s grocery bill substantially, and many products taste just as good in generic form.

2. Be wary of organic foods

While many see advantages to organic groceries, science does not back up the claim that organic foods are healthier. In addition, taste studies consistently reveal that people cannot distinguish between organic and non-organic food. The debate about sustainability rages, but many are suggesting that organic food takes more space and is more harmful to the environment than food grown in a conventional manner. There is one area, however, where there is no debate: Organic food is more expensive.

3. Buy in bulk

In many cases, grocery stores will allow shoppers to buy large quantities of products at lower rates. While this will not work for items that perish quickly, many items last for months at a time. After tracking a family’s typical expenses, it may be wise to determine if buying in bulk is a realistic option. Some grocery stores are dedicated to this model; shopping at those locations can lead to tremendous discounts.

4. Collect coupons

Coupon are used as a method of luring customers to the store in the hopes that they will buy other items when they arrive. Instead of grabbing an occasional coupon, shoppers should look through newspapers to find as many as possible so that they can come armed with a large number. Couponing can allow shoppers to save substantial sums of money over time; by making it a habit, shoppers can save hundreds of dollars every year.

5. Check sizes

Strangely, buying large products is not always cheaper than buying small products. Instead of assuming that large items cost less per unit, check how much different sizes cost. As counterintuitive as it sounds, it may be more economical to buy smaller jugs of milk instead of the largest sizes available.

Shopping is a necessity, and those with children understand the pain of having to feed everyone. Over time, however, it is possible to save considerably on one’s grocery bills. By carefully logging expenses and exploring all options for saving money, shoppers may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Written by Wayne B.

Wayne is a casual writer and a professional accounting specialising in money saving tips. Wayne truly believes establishing a positive relationship with a reliable and repeatable accountant such as Kelly+Partners in Sydney is the first step to financial successes for anyone.

What are your favorite tips for saving money at the grocery store?

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