5 Grocery Store Tricks You Should Avoid (but Probably Don’t)

Retailers have been selling goods for literally thousands of years. Grocers, in particular, have honed their ability to maximize sales. Our buying habits aren’t terribly complex, and grocery stores know how to take advantage of that.

Here are some common grocery store tricks you should look out for:

  1. Convenience item placement. What’s the one grocery product you probably buy twice a week (or at least on an as-needed basis)? It’s milk. That’s also the item grocery stores tend to place at the farthest point from the entry. The premise, of course, is that you’ll pass that fresh-baked bread, or see the “buy one get one” sale on soup, and make additional purchases when going to get that milk. To avoid this trick, determine ahead of time you’re only buying milk, and stick to it.
  2. Premium items shelved at eye level. When you’re buying a bag of flour, you might not care whether it’s a local brand, national brand, or a store brand. When you go to the baking aisle, you’ll see a bag of flower right at about 54 inches from the floor. Chances are good that’s the most expensive bag of flour. The generic (or least expensive) is probably going to be on the bottom shelf.
  3. Volume sales. One regional grocery chain is famous for it’s “Buy 10, get the 11th free!” promotion. In this scenario, you purchase items in bulk at a price that’s usually close to the normal retail. By requiring you to buy 10 of these items, the grocer offers you a measly 10% discount and gets you to spend more overall.
  4. Return rewards. Many grocers now are using a cash back system in which you return to the grocery store at a later time to get a discount. You might earn $10 in rewards on a shopping trip, which you still feel like is a good deal even if you paid full retail. However, if you don’t return to the store and use the discount in time (as is the case with more than 50% of these rewards) you haven’t saved a dime.

Understand some of the tricks grocery stores use to get you to buy, and you’ll start saving even more on that weekly grocery trip.





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