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Thursday, 12 February 2009 14:02
The day was going fine. I was 17 at the time and my boyfriend was 20. we were coming back from our date. We were about 15 minutes from his house and i started having contractions. They were minor so I didn't think anything of it. I told my boyfriend John about it. I told him they weren't very painful. He continued taking we to his house. I had just graduated, so I moved in with him.

Later that night, the pains started to come back. I told him about them. We then decided to call the hospital. They said they would have a room prepared for me when I got there. I got my suitcase from the closet. John helped to the car for us to leave.

We arrived at the hospital at about 10:15PM. The nurse took me to the room. The nurse gave me a gown to change into. I changed and was hooked up. The time passed as the contractions started to increase. Before I arrived, I decided I didn't want any type of medicine or things for the pain.

If you looked at John's face, he was worried. He made a few trips to a local fast food places. I by that time, had called my mom and dad. They were still on their trip to Paris. She said that she was praying for me every minute. They wished they were there. I finally had to get off the phone because the contractions were starting to get worse.

After 8 hours, I could no longer stand the pain. I told John to go get the doctor. The doctor got the the other man (I forgot who gives the pain medicine). He gave me the medicine. I still asked the man if he could make it work more. i soon felt no pain at all. John and I spent the next few hours talking about our plans.

About 9 hours later, the doctor told me it was time to push. The doctors brought me to the delivery room. He told me to just push as hard as I could. I didn't push too hard to begin with. It hurt so much. For a 17 year old I was in more pain than I could imagine. So I couldn't take it. I sat there and pushed as hard as I could. A few pushes later, my child's head appeared between my legs. John told me it was almost over. I took his word for it. 2 pushes later, my baby girl was born.