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Thursday, 12 February 2009 12:53
Ok, I will admit that getting pregnant when you are sixteen and a junior in high school is no fun... no fun at all. I had been with my boyfriend for three years when it happened, and he was due to leave in March for basic training for the Army. Secretly, we think we did it on purpose, becasue we knew that we could stay togeher that way.

I found out in early February that I was pregnant, by not one, not two, but three positive pregnancy tests. I was so afraid, as was Doug. We decided that I was going to ge over the counter pre-natal vitamins so that I could be healthy WITHOUT telling my family. Later that week, he goofed and told his mom, who swore not to tell my family, as long as I took good care of myself.

My family finally found out on the day of my seventeenth birthday. My mother knew, and never said anything. She just pulled me out of school and asked me straight out. The following week, I went for my first doctors appointment and pelvic exam ever.

When my boyfriend got home from basic training, we got married. Soon after that, we were off on our own to Colorado Springs.... Ft. cArson to be exact.

When I finally went for my first doctors appointment at the military hospital, they were disappointed that I had not done any blood work what so ever. I have a terrible phobia of needles. The pressured me and pressured me to have some done because my blood pressure was quite high, although I have white coat hypertension. My blood pressure was 210/80. The sent me to have a Non-stress test run, which came back just fine. By this time I had not eaten all day. It was about four in the afternoon. They held me there until I agreed to let them do lab work, which was horrible, because they messed up and put me in a lot of pain. Finally, at midnight, they let me go home.

The following week at my appointment, they still were not satisfied by my blood pressure and again pressured me to have lab work done. This time I refused. The decided to hold me over night for observation. I agreed.

The following morning, which was a Friday, the came in to my room, and told a frightened, solitary little girl that they were going to induce her. I had no choice in the matter, or at least that is what they told me. They put me in a labor and delivery room and started an IV, which took two hours becasue I would not let them do it. I had an anethesiologist tell me to "Get over it."

When they finally started my IV, they put me on pitocin, magneseium sulfate, fluids, and antibiotics becasue my strep B culture had not come back yet. I was in horrible pain from my contractions. I had no drugs until midnight, when they gave me Nubane, which they lied to me about and said that it was not a narcotic. It helped me sleep, but did not take the pain away. I had not progressed any at all. After nineteen hours of labor, the doctors said that if I did not have my baby girl by ten a.m. then they would do a c-section. I was petrified. This was all ready something that I did not want. I dialated to ten from three in less than an hour.

After twenty-seven minutes of pushing, Keyrah Lynn was born into this world, at 9:27 a.m... just 33 minutes before they were to do a c-section on me. She was beautiful. 5 pounds, 15 ounces.

I had an episiotomy, and had complications after, but she was my baby, perfect.

Next time, we are going for a home birth.