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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:56
Well I was 15 when I got pregnant. Me and my boyfriend Derek is so much in love he's my soulmate and I love him with all my heart. I was 14 and he was 15 when we started having sex I loved him so much it was unprotected sex. Well when I found out I was pregnant I was really scared and didn't know what I was going to do. I did the frist thing that came to my mind I went to Derek's house and told him that I was pregnant and scared. He held me in his arms and told me that he would be there for me always. We were too young to get married to support our baby (before we found out it was twins)to do anything.

So the only other person I could trust was my single mother when I told her of course she was upset and everything because she had high dreams for me. She said that Derek could move in with us at her house and that she would help us out. Well I was about 3months and I was going to the doctor with my mom and Derek. When I got there the doctor started an ultra sound he had a funny look on his face and I thought something was wrong and I was worried and asked him what was wrong he said "Nothing but your having twins" Derek right then and there droped to the floor and passed out.

I was really shocked and so was my mom. It was still to early to find out the sex of the babies. I gained alot of weight twice as much because of both babies.

Well at 6months I found out that I was pregnant with a little boy and little girl. Me my mom and Derek went shopping got 2 of everything just some pink and some blue.

On June 23, 2000 I went in to labor. I started having pains but its normal when you have a kid. I got to the hospital they put me in a hospital bed in till the babies were ready to come. I was there for about 30-50mins before they moved me to the ER. I got in there and I was hurting so bad I just wanted it all to be over it hurt so bad but after a long labor my kids was born on June 23,2000

Austin 11:00pm 6lbs 5oz 19in long Madison 11:10pm 5lbs 3oz 19in long. I love both of my kids me and Derek are still deeply in love and we are going to get married when were old enough but in till then we are still living with my mom.