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Monday, 09 February 2009 10:14
When I found out I was pregnant I was 17 - starting my senior year of high school. My boyfriend was 21, he was very excited about the pregnancy. It took me several weeks but I finally got the nerve to tell my step-mother and father (I was living with my mother and step-father) they were shocked, but told me they would support me in whatever I decided to do, my mother was not so understanding. I told her over the phone and she asked for me and my boyfriend to come meet with my step-father and her - we did - she told me I had disgraced my family and I was a bad influence on my sister (2 yrs. younger) they told me I could no longer live with them.

I moved in with my father and step-mother - they were wonderful thru out my pregnancy. My boyfriend asked me to marry him after I graduated and I accepted. I didn't speak to my mother for months, until Christmas, she then started calling me I agreed to come see her and we tried from that point on to rekindle our relationship (still trying to this day - still not working).

I turned 18 in April my boyfriend was very possesive - he told me if I didn't move in with him he would never speak to me again (looking back now that would have been a wonderful thing) so the weekend after turning 18 against my fathers wishes I moved in with him. I was still going to school and doing well, I was never sick thru out the entire pregnancy. The baby's due date was April 25th orginally as that date got closer the dr. changed it to May 12th. May 12th came and went, I was going to the dr. every few days and finally one night around midnight I noticed I couldn't get comfortable in any position, and then my stomach would hurt for a few minutes and then stop - I knew something was going on.

I waited until morning not wanting to wake my boyfriend since he had to go to work early. When he finally woke-up I told him what was going on, he went to get his mom (she lived with him), she come downstairs and said she thought I was in labor, we called the dr., meanwhile my boyfriend went to work and said he would call me when he got there. The dr. told me to come on in to be checked, my boyfriend came back home and took me to the dr. office, there he told me my contractions weren't strong enough - could have fooled me. He sent he back home and said if nothing else happened that night he would induce me the next morning.

Around 8pm I was soooo uncomfortable so my boyfriend took me back to the hospital, they still said my contractions were not strong enough but decided to keep me anyways. My entire family came to the hospital to be with me. The dr. gave me some medicine to induce me more and then something to make me rest, after a few hours they decided to break my water.

Shortly afterward I recieved my epidural - heaven for the the first hour or so then it ran out and they wouldn't give me anymore. The dr. finally told me to start pushing - I pushed and pushed and pushed, he then moved me to the regular delivery room instead of the fancy room, here they had a nurse stand in a chair and try to push on my stomach while the dr. used forceps to try to pull my baby out. They tried this for what seemed like forever.

The next step was an emergency c-section - I was soooo scared! They got me prepped and took my to the next room, this was the most painful thing I had ever been thru - I swore I would never ever have anymore babies.

Finally my baby girl was born weighing in at 8lbs 3ozs. and 20 1/2" long. She was sooo pretty. Her father and I married after graduation, we stayed married for about 3 years and then I couldn't take his jealousy or possessivness any longer so I left with Amber and moved back home with my father and step-mother.

We divorced and very long nasty divorce - he attempted to get custody of Amber - we ended up with joint custody until about 2 years ago when I married my first boyfriend and longtime best friend. My daughter's father then realized we could give Amber a more stable enviroment and gave up joint custody, he now gets her every other weekend.

After being married to my new husband for six months we decided to have a baby - I got pregnant the first month trying. After a wonderful pregnancy again we gave birth by planned c-section to a beautiful baby boy weight was 8lbs 8ozs and 21" long. This process was sooo much easier than the first time - I felt nothing this time, I would do it again tomorrow if I could afford it.

I was reading over some of these journals and thinking back to the birth of my daughter and figured I would submit my story. Today is Amber's 10th birthday and I love her more everyday, she and my son Brian - 18 months are the best things that ever happened to me, along with my husband.