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Monday, 09 February 2009 09:17
Hi! My name is Sandra and I'm 18 years old. This is the story of my wonderful son Paul Michael who is almost four yrs old.

My story started a six years ago, when I met Paul at a party, I was 12 and he was 16. We started dating he was just wonderful, I love him very much. We dated for like two years before we even spoke about having sex. A month after my 14 D-day, we decided to have sex. It was the best thing I have ever experienced, it was just perfect. It was September 05, 1996, when my baby was conceived. I was 14 a freshman and Paul was 18 and a senior in high school.

I have always been very regular with my period, so when I was late a day I worried. That day I went to Paul's house to tell him about my suspicions, so we decided to take a trip to the drug store and get a home pregnancy test. We got to his house and I took the test, and surely enough, minutes later the test was positive. It was October 07, 1996, when I found out that I was pregnant, it was a shock. That day we went to see Paul's parents and to tell them that they were going to become grandparents. They were very supportive about the whole thing, but kind of concerned because of my young age. They told us that they would help us with everything, that was just a relief to hear. Paul's parents and me and Paul went to biggest challenge ever having to tell my parents that I was pregnant. We got to my house and when we told my parents they were very disappointed in me, and also very angry. They could not believe that their little girl was going to become a mother. But besides all that anger and disappointment they were going to do everything to help. That just made Paul and me feel much better.

I found out I was having a little boy and of course Paul was thrilled with the idea of having a boy as the fist born. We then decided to name him Paul Michael Paul because of his wonderful father and Michael because both of his grandfather's names are Michael. My baby was due May 18, a week before Paul graduated from High School. We all were looking forward to the day of the birth of our child. I was just so excited. I keep my pregnancy a secret from our friends at school, for the first few months, of course until I could hide it, I stated noticing since my fourth month. All of our friends, were very supportive about the whole pregnancy thing.

The next few months just went by flying and my due date was coming up soon. I was getting bigger and bigger by the day, I had gained so much weight, like you can believe it. But it was all worth it.

My contraction started around noon on May 18, 1997, they were 7 min apart. I was at home with my parents when they started. My Mom had me sit down so that they could get all my things ready for the hospital. We were also waiting for Paul who was at school taking final exams. Paul's parents were on their way to my house. They arrived at 1:30 and my contractions were now 5 min apart. So we headed for the hospital, and still no sign of Paul any where, so we left him a note. We arrived at the hospital at 2:00 PM, and my room was ready. I got into the hospital pajamas, and walking behind us is Paul. It was not until 12 hour later when my baby boy was born. Paul Michael Jackiewicz was born on May 19, 1997, at 2:00 AM he weighted 5lb 13oz. He was the most beautiful baby ever.

Now, Paul is almost four, and still a wonderful toddler. I just had my second child, Mary Elizabeth Jackiewicz born April 10, 2000, 6lb 12oz. Paul and me have been together for six years now we got married, a year after Little Paul was born, I'm the happiest person ever, I love Paul with all my heart. He is the most wonderful father my kids could ever have.