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Thursday, 05 February 2009 11:42
I was only 17 when I discovered I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I were attending the same college at the time. After my period was about 2 weeks late, I took a home pregnancy test (it took 2 hours to get the results in those days) and it came up negative. The next week, I still didn't have my period, so I went to the university's free clinic and had both a urine test and a blood test. When I went to get the results, the counselor told me that the urine test had come back negative. I said OK, but what about the blood test. She said, "What blood test?" After explaining to her that I had had both tests done, she went to check on the results, leaving me alone in the room for about 15 minutes. When she came back, the look on her face said it all. The blood test had come back positive! I was a little nervous about telling my boyfriend and my parents, but luckily, they all took the news beautifully.

When I was about 10 weeks along, I went to my boyfriend's apartment one night to study with him. My stomach started hurting at about 7pm and by 11pm I was thorwing up faster than my boyfriend could clean the bucket I was using to be sick in because I couldn't make it to the bathroom. This went on all night. I didn't go to the hospital, because I had a prenatal checkup at the university clinic the next day and figured they'd get to the bottom of my problem. We walked to the clinic (about a mile) because we didn't have a car. When they put me in the examining room, I promptly threw up in the garbage can. When the doctor came in she said, "Oh, morning sickness, huh?" I told her that I had been throwing up all night and it certainly didn't feel like morning sickness. I also explained that I had a pain in my right side. She told me I must have the flu and sent me home without doing a single test!! I did finally stop vomiting, so I assumed I must be getting better.

The next day the pain got worse and worse, and by the time my boyfriend got home from class, I told him I thought we better go back to the clinic to get me checked out again. We got there about 2 minutes before the clinic closed. They took one look at me and decided I better go to the emergency room.

Once in the emergency room, they performed several tests and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. They finally performed a test to see if I had a tubal pregnancy that had burst the tube. The fluid was either supposed to come out clear (no tubal pregnancy) or bloody. It came out looking exactly like orange juice!! All of a sudden there was a flurry of activity and I was told I was being taken to surgery immediately. They told me they still had no idea what was wrong, but that they were going to open up my abdomen and fix whatever was wrong. Once in surgery, they discovered that I had appendicitis and that my appendix had burst, so they removed it and put me on major antibiotics. I was in the hospital for a week and every time I asked if my baby was going to be OK, they said they just didn't know and we would have to take it day by day.

Not long after that, my boyfriend got a summer internship in California, so we decided that I would go with him. I had to go through the hassle of finding a doctor out there (who actually turned out to be very nice) and packing up our meager belongings. We stayed out there for 3 months and it was the smoothest part of my pregnancy. I had my first ultrasound out there, but my kid, being stubborn, decided to turn her rear end to the camera, so we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl.

We came back to the university when I was about 6 months pregnant. My original due date had been December 12th, but when I had my first check up when we got back, the doctor changed it to November 30th. I spent my time keeping house in our new apartment and walking all over campus.

On November 18th, my boyfriend and I, who were planning on using the Lamaze birthing method, realized we didn't have a watch to time the contractions. My boyfriend decided to walk to Osco to buy a cheap watch. The minute he left, I just knew I was going to go into labor while he was gone, and sure enough, I did. The contractions were coming every 7 minutes or so right away. By the time he got back, I had already called the doctor, and he had said to come in to his office to get checked. It seemed like it took FOREVER for my boyfriend to get home. When he finally did, we walked to the doctor's office (no mean feat when you are in labor) and upon checking me he discovered I was already 3 centimeters dilated and about 80% effaced, so it was off to the hospital. When we got there, the contractions seemed to stop (of course!) so he broke my water. Wow, I had never seen so much fluid in my life! By this time, it was about 5:30pm, so my boyfriend and I sat there staring at each other, waiting for contractions to begin. We walked the halls several times and by about 8pm, still with no contractions, decided to go into the lounge to watch "Dallas". I was engrossed in JR's doings, when at about 8:30pm, the contractions started coming hard and fast. By the time we had walked back to the room, I was 6 centimeters dilated. I thought it would go pretty quickly after that, but it took until midnight for me to be given the go ahead to push. The contractions, up to this point, had been very painful, but I was able to manage them by breathing really fast and hard and squeezing my boyfriend's hand. When I was given the OK to push, the contractions seemed to be one on top of the other and I almost asked for medication, but I figured it was too late anyway, and it would be over soon. Boy, was I wrong! It took me over 2 hours of pushing to finally give birth to the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. She was 5lbs. 13oz. and 19 inches long. She was perfect and had suffered no ill effects from the burst appendix and the surgery.

We had talked about both boy and girl names and decided on one of each, but when my little girl was placed on my stomach, she just didn't look like the name we had picked out. The name Holly just popped into my head when I looked at her. After making sure that was OK with my boyfriend, that's what I told the nurse her name was. My parents were standing outside the door at the time and, I found out later, thought I had named her Ollie!!

Holly is now 16 years old and I am so proud of her. I hope she reads her birth story and realizes how strong she was to have come through what she did. I'm so grateful she is here to enjoy.