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VBA2C Birth Story of Jennifer Rose

For my 1st daughter, I had a cesarean because they detected fetal distress before I was in labor from the fetal monitor.  They did not think my baby would tolerate labor so they said I should have a cesarean.  From that moment, I was so sad and it carried on with me for years of my life. 

I did what I had to do to have a healthy baby. 

For my 2nd daughter, I had a VBA1C attempt.  When I went to the hospital I was only 1cm.  Something about the labor just felt too painful.  I labored standing up the entire time with my husband and doula pressing on my back.  Once I got to about 7 cm, I got the epidural.  I had in my mind that I wanted to get it, and why be in pain.  After I got the epidural, I went from 7 cm – 10 cm in the matter of minutes.  The ob came in and said that I am ready to push.  At that moment my dreams felt like they would come true on giving birth vaginally.  I pushed a few times.  Then the ob said that the baby was in distress.  I kept pushing.  Then the ob said that the baby was having late decels.  She also was not descending at all.  She stood at 0 station.  After some time pushing, the ob said that I should get a c-section because the decels are worsening.  So I said okay. 

With this birth, I did feel that I did what I was able to do.  I feel that I got a good chance to try.  But the sadness still stood with me for the failed VBAC.  There was a lot going on for it to not work out such as the baby being malpositioned and the late decels and no descent when pushing.  At least this time, it all made more sense to me.

At the end they did find out that she was in a posterior position.  That is why I had all of the back pain.  In between contractions, my back hurt so much.  It was my first time going into labor so I had no idea that I was experiencing back labor.  That is briefly what happened to me with my prior 2 births.



This time it worked out.  Going into it, I felt that the odds were stacked against me, and I think I was leaning more towards another cesarean even though I did so much to have it work out. 

With my 3rd daughter, I was using a group in Manhattan that would let me attempt a VBA2C.  They seemed supportive all along.  I was about 30 something weeks pregnant when I found out that the hospital they work with “St. Vincents” was maybe going to close down.  At that point both obs working in the group were not able to give me a definite answer on if the hospital did close down and they went to another hospital if I would be able to try to vbac after 2 prior c-sections.  I continued to use the group for a short time.  I then again e-mailed them asking them if they know more information.  Then the head of the practice told me that he is not sure if I would be allowed to try VBAC after 2 prior c-sections  if the hospital did close and they went elsewhere.  I thought I was going to end up having to schedule a c-section at that point so late in my pregnancy.  I said this is going to be extremely difficult to find a group to support me now at 30 something weeks pregnant.  So at that point, I started to make calls to find another group.  Mostly all of the places said NO to me.  Or some groups would not take me because I was so late in the pregnancy.  I kept digging and digging for more places.  My doula helped me along this process.  She was amazing in keeping me going and not giving up.  I was searching in NJ and NY.  Finally I found on ob in Manhattan that would let me try.  I had to go down and meet with him.  I really liked him.  But I did not like the fact that he was not able to do an instrumental delivery if the baby had a low descent and that was the only way to avoid a cesarean.  Then I found another ob from my Chiropractor in NJ.  I went to meet with this ob.  She was very nice and she checked my pelvis and said I have enough room in there to get a baby out vaginally.  She would let me try a VBA2C also.  She said that I should do it without the epidural.  She also did not use the assistance of an instrumental delivery if needed (forceps, vacuum) etc.  Also both of these obs did not do manual rotation.  This was a concern of mine being I had a posterior baby and from research I thought that I can have another malpositioned baby.  These 2 obs also did not do external versions if needed.  This would be in case my baby would turn breech.  They felt it was too risky with 2 prior c-sections.

 So I contacted a lady who runs the NJ ICAN chapter.  She was a help to me even before I was pregnant.  She gave me an ob in NJ that she said would also attempt a VBA2C.  I went to meet with this group.  It is a group of 4 obs.  This group said that they would let me try a VBA2C and that they would use the assistance of forceps and vacuum if needed.  Also they can do manual rotation.  They even would turn breech with 2 prior c-sections.  They would be able to do a gentle version if needed for breech.  I was so impressed with all of the skills they said that they have.  THIS WAS THE GROUP THAT I DECIDED TO USE!

I am going to fast forward this a little.  So I was about 34 weeks when I switched groups.  I went to my biweekly office visits with them and they seemed to be non-invasive.  I tested for the GBS and I tested negative.  This was questionable also being I tested + for it with #1.  I was worried that if I did end up testing + that I would have to go to the hospital early and then I would probably get all the drugs that they offered me.  I would be stuck in the bed and not being to be as mobile as I would like.  This could of very well happened, but luck was with me and I cleared the test. 

I went to my appointment at about 38 weeks and the ob did a check.  He said that I was 3cm and he sounded optimistic that my body was doing what it was supposed to do.  He did not know when labor would come on at this point.  I did not allow any more internal checks after this. 

It was about 8 days later at 12:45 a.m. in the morning, and I was in bed.  I heard 2 little popping noises.  I screamed for my husband to come upstairs.  He came up, and I told him that I heard 2 popping noises.  He said “it is time”.  I thought I had some more days to rest.  I was just not ready to go into labor.  All of a sudden I started to get the chills.  I was trembling non stop.  I did not know what was going on with me.  I was so scared.  Then I started to come to acceptance that I am going to labor, and no matter what the outcome is that Jennifer would arrive soon.  The trembling stopped. 

I was having contractions very irregular.  We called the doula, and she said to try to get rest in between contractions and to call her back when I needed her to come over.  So I laid in bed with my husband, and I just breathed through each contraction. We used rice in a sock and kept warming it up and putting it on my belly to try to relax me and ease the surges.   I told my husband that I did not think that I had back labor.  I also did not think that the baby was posterior.   I felt very empowered that I can do this.  I felt anything is better than back labor.  So we continued for many hours to just get through each contraction and sleep in between.  My contractions were all different.  Some were 10 minutes apart and some were 3 minutes apart and they were not in a regular pattern.  We called the doula a little after 6 a.m. to tell her that the contractions were getting closer together.  I told her I think that it is time that you come over. 

The doula arrived at my house at about 7:00 a.m.  When she arrived, I made a phone call in between a contraction.  Then I had some last minute pictures taken of my belly.  My doula then came up to my room with me and we both laid down in bed and she massaged my back in between each contraction.  I kept asking her how many minutes apart they were coming.  She said they were still coming irregular.  I started to get worried.  I said to her I hope they get more regular.  She told me not to worry.  She asked if I wanted to try a different position and I said okay.  So we used the birth ball.  I sat on the birth ball and in between each contraction and she would have me do this swaying with my hips.  So we did this for a while.  Then we went back into the bed.  Now in between each contraction she would grab my legs and sort of make them bicycle.  The contractions were feeling stronger to me and more painful.  My mood was changing.  I was talking less.  So I labored on the bed for some more time.  I think at that point contractions were getting closer together.  She then asked me if I wanted to try the bath.  I said okay.  So I went into the bath and hot water ran out.  I stood in for a short time and did not like it too much.  So then I got dressed.  She still kept pressing my back in between each contraction.  I had to hurry up when I was between a contraction to put my underwear back on, night gown etc.  Even just a sock was pure torture.

I told her that I think I want to go to the hospital now.  She said lets labor a little bit longer.  She said if you go to the hospital now it does not mean you will get your baby now.  So I said okay being it made sense to me.  So we went back upstairs into the bed and I laid down on my side.  We continued to get through each contraction with moving my legs, breathing and doing some hypnobirthing.  At this point I was just not comfortable any more.  I was familiar with this from my 2nd birth.  My husband got back now from dropping the girls off to a relative.  He said to my doula that I am very different than from when he left.  He said things changed.  We did not know how many centimeters I was but just knew that contractions were about maybe every 5 minutes or so.  I told my doula again that I want to go to the hospital.  She said okay.  This may have been around 10:00 a.m.  I was in my daughter’s room grabbing on to the crib in between each contraction.  The pain was bad at this point.  The doula kept pressing on my back in between each contraction.  I then grabbed onto the window ledge in between contractions.  My husband got my clothing together.  I got dressed slowly and then we had to get to the car.  I was like OMG how will I do this.  My contractions were even closer together.  We left at about 11:00 a.m.  We opened the door and I ran as fast as I can to the car in between this contraction.  The only way I can possibly get through this 1 hour ride to NJ is to go in the back seat in the car in a hands and knees position with the doula pressing my back in between each contraction.  I also had my rice sock in a binder up against my stomach.  The car ride was really bumpy.  At this point my contractions were about 2 or 3 minutes apart.  I must have been crazy to be this far along and going to the hospital.  I would let out a low scream in between each contraction while the doula would press on my back, or I would grab the towel or grab and squeeze her hands.  I also kept blowing out different color balloons (hypnobirthing).  This was helping a little bit.  We made sure that I had water whenever I was able to.  Also my doula was asking me if I had pressure in my butt.  I said no.  She said try to push out of your butt.  I told her no, no and NO.  I was for some reason scared to let the pressure out in that area.   I then just have about had it with the pain.  I told my husband and the doula that as soon as I get to the hospital that I am getting Demerol because I need something to relax me.  I also said that I want to get the epidural.  My doula said let them check you first to see how far you are.  I nodded my head.  I felt very strong though that I wanted a drug and I just did not care what the outcome would be.  They both reminded me on how the epidoral will not let me push effectively and how it may cause some other complications.  I told them that I do not care, and I will take responsibility for my choices.  Then my doula said just get checked first and see how many centimeters you are.  I then said okay.

We arrived at the hospital close to 11:00 a.m.  Now I had to get out of the car and somehow walk into the hospital in between contractions.  I got out of the car and grabbed onto whatever I was able to in the parking lot (walls, polls etc.).  There was a security guard there asking if I wanted a wheel chair and my husband and doula told him no.  I screamed and told them “Yes I want the wheelchair”.  I ended up somehow, some way making it to the hospital door and somehow making it to labor and delivery.  I got in there and I had to put a robe on.  My doula came with me to do this.  It took us about 10 minutes to get this robe on in between each contraction.  I came out and the nurse hooked me up to a monitor and had me lay down.  This was in triage.  I told her “I am not comfortable this way”.  It hurts too much this way.  She said that I had to stay that way and my ob would be in in 10 minutes.  My huband kept pressing on my back so hard.  I almost fell off the table from him pushing so hard.  My doula kept moving me back to the middle of the table.

Time was passing and my ob did not come in.  I was screaming at my doula and my husband, that I want my ob.  I want my ob.  I need my ob.  I said to myself I am not getting anywhere.  The pain was getting worse.  So I started to scream.  That made somebody come in.  A nurse came in and she said she was checking to see what was going on.  What does she expect from a nonmedicated mother?   It was more of a laugh than a help.  I told the nurse that I am starting to feel like I have to do #2.  She yelled and said that is your baby and do not do that.  Then my doula looked at me and said “do not listen to her”.  You can give little grunts if you want to.  It is fine.  I was just so confused.  Finally one of the nurses that seemed to have a lot of pull in labor and delivery checked me.  After checking me, she said that I am at 9 cm.  I asked the nurse if she can give me something like Demerol or just something.  She said at 9cm I cannot get a narcotic.  And she said forget the epidural because I can just push instead.  I asked for laughing gas and she laughed at me.  All of the other nurses were asking questions on my prior births and asking why I had the c-sections.  None of my obs were there to tell them that they were letting me try a VBA2C.  This nurse shouted out “she is going vaginally”.  “She is 9 cm "with a lip” which probably meant close to 10 cm.  I did not even get excited being I know from the last time that pushing does not mean the baby will come out.  Positioning, decels or anything can get in the way for that to happen.  So they transferred me to another bed so I can get out of triage.  I then was in a laboring room.  The nurse said that the baby was having decels and I had to get the baby out.  They made me put my feet up in stirrups, and I said to them that I did not want to push that way.  I said I want to push over the toilet.  I said “I do not like to push this way”.  They said that this is the fastest way they know how the baby will come out.  They said being the baby was having decels that I had to do it this way.  So then I just kept quiet.  Finally my ob came in while I was getting ready to push.  So then during a contraction a group of women (nurses, ob etc.) told me to breath and then push.  So I did.  Then I was getting ready to take another breath and they said no push again.  I was getting so confused on what exactly they wanted me to do.  So when they said push again, I did.  Then I did a 3rd time, they then did an episiotomy and the head popped out.  I think I gave one more push and the entire baby girl came out.  They gave her to me.  I said “No, this has to be a dream”.  “When will I wake up”.  “OMG a baby”.  “This is a baby”.  “I was flipping out”.  I was so happy and so sad and just shocked that the odds were so stacked against me for this baby to be born vaginally.  I looked at her and she had such a full head of hair.  They cleaned her up for me, and I was able to bond with her for quite a while.  It was so different than having the cesarean and them only let you see the baby for 15 minutes.  It was such a different experience.  Everyone was so happy (the doula, my husband, the nurses, the ob).  It was truly amazing.  I was still asking for a pain killer at this point.  I agreed that I would take motrin.  I did not want to be dopey from percoset.

They then transferred me into a regular room.  I was able to get my food so fast.  I was happy about that being with the surgical birth I had to wait about 2 days to eat and be on mainly liquids.  What a difference.

I stood in the hospital for only 2 days and then I got to go home.

I think it was the luck of the draw that this all worked out.  I also think staying at home helped because getting at the hospital earlier would have made me be less mobile. 

I cannot say if going drug free is definitely the answer for everyone either to achieve a VBAC or VBAMCs.

Now I am just processing everything.  Baby Jennifer loves her sisters, her home and her Mommy and Daddy. 


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