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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 11:52
This was my second pregnancy and my first pregnancy was a C-section because of failure to progress at 9cm. Since the recovery was so tough with the C-section, I decided to go for a vaginal delivery the second time around.

My second pregnancy was just as tough as my first. I had terrible morning sickness in the first trimester and was diagnosed with hyperemesis. This meant I had to have IV fluids administered. During my last trimester, I was put on bedrest due to fear of pre-term labor and this was at 34 weeks.

It was tough being on bedrest because I kept anticipating the baby was coming because by the time I was 37 weeks pregnant, I was 2.5cm dilated. Finally, at 38 weeks pregnant, I went to my dr's check up visit on a Monday and she said I was now 3cm dilated. She wanted me to have the baby soon because she thought if the baby got too big, I wouldn't have a successful VBAC. She stripped my membranes that day and asked me to come back the next day.

On Tuesday, I went back to the dr's office, and I was now 4 cm dilated. She told me to go to the hospital and get a NST to make sure I wasn't contracting. My NST proved that I wasn't having any major contractions and they were sending me home. My dr came by the hospital and asked me if I wanted to get induced that day, but I told her it would be better if we could do it the next day.

On Wednesday, I went back to the dr's office to get checked and I was now 5cm dilated. It seemed like as each day passed on, I was another cm dilated. She said if I would just wait another 5 days, I would have my baby with no labor (joke). My dr told me she would meet me at the hospital at 3pm.

I rested that afternoon before going to the hospital. I checked in at 3pm and my dr was running a bit late, so at 4:30pm, she arrived and ruptured my waters. I was asked to walk to induce some contractions...and sure enough they were coming.

When returning from walking, the nurse re-attached the fetal monitor, and we had a big scare because my baby's heartbeat decelerated down to 0. All of a sudden, they put an oxygen mask on me and five or six nurses came running in. They hooked up an internal fetal monitor in me and in about 15 seconds the heartbeat was back on the monitor. That was a scare for me.

Thereafter, I wanted to hold off on getting an epidural as much as possible. I finally needed to take the edge off the contractions, so they administered fentanyl. I think I was at 6cm at this time, and I got two doses of this until 7cm. I couldn't take the contractions any longer, so I broke down and got the epidural.

Things seem to be moving along, but I was scared I was going to be stuck again like last time. And sure enough, I was at 9cm with a bit of a cervical lip...boy did I want to push. My nurse let me push a few times, and told me that I needed to stop. She said she would call back the anesthesiologist to top off the epidural to relieve the pain..but that really didn't help.

The epidural probably took 40 minutes or so to take some effect, but by the time 2am rolled around, I couldn't take the contractions anymore. I wanted to push so bad. I begged my nurse, so she finally called my dr and she arrived and told me to push.

I never pushed before, but I was determined to get my baby out. I was probably pushing for 20 minutes and my dr was getting concerned. I didn't know, but the fetal monitor was showing the baby was getting in stress. My dr was almost going to use the vacuum, but in about another 20 minutes, I was able to push my beautiful daughter out, Anabelle Kandace. She was born on 2/15/01 at 2:43am.

The recovery on a vaginal delivery is much easier than a C-section. If you have the choice, I would urge you to try the vaginal delivery.