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Friday, 14 November 2008 09:33

I have 2 boys, a 5 yr. old and a 5 mo old.

My first son was breech. We had the option to try to turn him but we elected not to for the simple fact, we believe everything is the way it is for a reason...God's will. So he was born cesarean. That was a very traumatic experience for a first time mother and I always felt a little cheated because I never really felt like I "bonded" with him. As soon as he was born I had to be knocked out because the pain was overwhelming and they were afraid I would go into shock. The birth only took about 3 minutes but it was a complicated one because my son was "stuck", he had one foot stuck in the birth canal and one arm up in my ribs, so the nurse had to push on my ribs and abdomen to help the doctor get him out. Then I got to see him for about 30 seconds before I was out and I didn't see him again until 3 hours later, that's when I first got to hold him.

      My youngest son is a totally different story. We had NATURAL CHILD BIRTH with him! My due date was Thanksgiving day (which is a story in itself!). Well it came and went. Finally, we were at the 2 weeks over time frame, so we decided on when we would induce labor. So we got it all settled, we were going in the evening of December 10th and start the next morning...well thursday morning, around 2 a.m., I started having back pains and some cramping. I called the midwife and she said it's normal. Labor is starting but it will probably be a while, so rest and call her again in the morning. Well, the pain persisted, never had any regular contractions but they were getting stronger.

     At 5 a.m., my husband gets up to get ready for work. He saw that I was in early labor. We start talking about it, timing them, and so on...not 5 minutes passed and my contractions were STRONG and 3 minutes apart!

      The "funny" thing is we almost didn't make it to the hospital because we had a 25 minute trip on the interstate in Baltimore Md...serious rush hour traffic! It was like something out of the movies! He had the hazard lights on, was flashing his headlights & honking the horn yelling out the window telling people to get the hell out of the way! Meanwhile I'm shredding the interior of our car and screaming you've got to hurry! (you have to remember this is my first "normal" birth, I have no idea what I'm doing & we didn't do Lamaze this time!)

     So thank god!, we see the hospital, my husband pulls up in patient drop off area & I open the door and vomit! Finally, I'm at labor and delivery, (this is 7 a.m. now) and the midwife tells me I'm at 7. But guess labor rooms are ready! All are full but one and it's being cleaned so you'll have to wait in the fetal monitoring room, at this point I don't think I had a break in between contractions all I could do was stand and squat and scream at the top of my lungs! (and of course beg for the epidural!)

     So finally, 8:30 we get in the room, but what...uh-oh!... too late for the epidural! So, 8:45 and I'm pushing, 9:45 and I'm pushing, 10:45 and I'm pushing! At this point, I'm physically exhausted! I'm begging for someone to just reach in and pull the child out! But I keep pushing...finally a nurse (an angel) comes in and puts pressure on the area from where I need to be pushing...(this is 11:40) and you guessed it! here he comes! My son was born 25 minutes later at 12:05p.m.

      I was exhausted! I ended up tearing and getting an episiotomy. There is one thing I will tell any expectant mother who asks about child birth...when it comes time to push, don't push from where you think you should be pushing from...push like you're trying to go poop! Sounds gross, but let me tell you something, if I had known that 3 hours earlier, my son probably would have been born 3 hours earlier!!! But no matter, I have a beautiful,healthy baby boy and I experienced it the best way...naturally!