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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:43

My Name is Grace Velasquez and this is my 3rd son story. I gave birth to my first son in 1988 by c-section, my second son by VBAC in 1996 and now my third by c-section? hmmmm.

My due date was on Jan.20th 2000 however, who really delivers on their due date? I had been having trouble sleeping for months watching Golden Girls every night. On Jan. 18th at about 6am I started feeling some light contractions so, to be honest I was tired of being pregnant. I got up and started pacing the living room trying to help the process. At about 8am when my husband got up to go to work noticed I was having some contraction ask if I thought he should go to work.... Well, I said, Not if you want to go and come back in a few hours" He stayed. :) Anyway, I went to the hospital to have them check me to see if was in Labor or not. It was confirmed and I was put on pit. I was doing okay not much progress but, about 4pm I started having strong contractions and was dilating fast. I was 8cm without having a epidural and I was really going to have this baby Natural?..... Me!

At about 7pm I was still 8cm, for some reason I was stuck. They called in someone to do a ultrasound to see what the problem could be. By this time I was tired and in alot of pain, Epidural here I come. After I had the epidural I was feeling pretty good, enough to speak to my husband. When the ultrasound arrived at around 8:30p I was told that I would be needing a c-section and it would need to be done now. Scared! yea'I sure was but, I think I was more disappointed because I really wanted to have my son vaginally.

I was taken to the operating room to have the c-section and was ready to see my son when I wasn't getting numb like I should've been. They kept giving my more and more but, still I could feel them touching my leg. One of the doctors said to get ready to start and by the time they are ready I would be numb. Just before they starting cutting I told them I could feel them touching me, They started anyway. I screamed so loud that I thought everyone in the hospital could hear me. I was screaming and crying feeling like I was going to die. I heard one doctor say that the baby is stuck in the pelvis so while one doctor was pulling up out of my tummy the other was pushing up through the vagina, another doctor was pulling on my tummy upward and I could feel a burning like I'd never felt before. My husband was at my side when I looked at him for support I could see he was scared and crying. I didn't care what happen to me but, at least let me see his (baby) face. After 5mins of pulling and tugging he was out. He was 8ibs 12oz and 20inches long. Big!!!! oooch.

When I was taken to my room I was told that my brother Manuel and Sister Diane from church had come to pray for me. God sends his angels to protect and he is always on time.

I would go through all that again to have Samuel. I love him and can't imagine life without him in it.

by Grace

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