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Monday, 16 February 2009 08:35
My first two births were in a hospital but I didnt feel comfortable in there, and wanted to have my third child, at home and have a water birth, with my husband Ross. We bought a water tub, from a shop in the city near us which cost a bit over $100. I had also bought lots of towels, and things for the birth. I was a bit worried about having a home birth as I never had before and didnt know anyone who had, had a home birth. Ihad my two children Adam (3) and Jesse (girl) (1 and a half) present at my birth although I felt a bit uncomfortable as I wasnt sure how they were feeling about watching it.

Well, my contractions began early in the morning at around one am. So, I got up and just went into the lounge room to watch some tv and try and relax away from everyone so I wouldnt wake them up. However I didnt rest for very long because my contractions were coming every five- eight minutes, and were quite painful. I woke up Ross, at around 2.30 am, and he said I should try and sleep before I had to give birth. So I went to bed with three hot-packs underneath my on my back. They felt pretty good against my sore back.

At around five am I was very awake, but needed to go to the toliet, quite a lot. Nothing was progressing in labour, and I didnt have any contractions for at least a few hours. Which was very strange and I thought something could possibly be wrong. At around eight am, I was up walking around the house. I hadnt had very many contractions that night, only three. I called up my friend and she called her midwife, and her midwife told me to get rest as labour may not be for a while.

I went to bed for a few hours tossing and turning, and I got up to have some lunch at around 1.30. My husband who had been looking after Jesse and Adam all day long, went out to get me some more heat packs, because they felt good on my back. I was playing a game with my two children, when I got a very heavy and intense contraction. Jesse was scared and didnt know what was going on, I got up and walked around the living room a few times. Finally it eased off. Then suddenly three minutes later I got another contraction, a bit more painful than the other.

It was three pm and I had been having contractions for the past half an hour, but they were slowely drifting apart, and werent coming as close. I wasnt quite sure what was going on whether it was normal, or if there was a problem. However at about 4pm I went to the toliet, and had a pinky "substance" come out of me, and I had lost my mucas plug. My water broke after that at about, 5.30 pm and I was getting everything ready.

My husband filled the water tub with lovely hot water, and it took a while, as he was using the kettle to trasfer the hot water, because the tub was out side. At 6pm I got in the tub which was so comfortable. My husband made some dinner for Jess, and Adam and he bought me over water, and orange juice, to drink.

I was getting constant contractions, every three minutes, and they were VERY painful. Ross checked me and I was only 6cm dilated. I still had a little while to go.

At 7.30pm the head was crowning and I had had the bloody show.

My husband gave me the ok to push, so I started to push, as Jesse and Adam watched in amazment. The towels were laid out next to the tub, so that I could, wrap the baby up after I had bought it into the world. I gave about four pushes but it wouldnt come out. I pushed again really hard!!!! Then the head came out some more, and then I pushed again with Ross holding my hand which I probebly broke squeezing!!! and he was instructing me what to do. I gave one last push, and The baby came out and Ross let go of my hand and caught the baby. I let my son Adam cut the cord, although he thought it would hurt the baby. But eventually he did it.

Then Ross said "Its a girl"

I was so happy I had a family & home birth which was what I always wanted! But then I had another urge to push, I realised it was the placenta! So, I hopped out of the pool, with Ross still holding our new baby girl "Kelsy Richelle Portaville" in the water.

I had bought a bowl from the shops for my placenta (i was definetly going to throw the bowl out!!!) and I squatted over the bowl and in one push let out my placenta.

So, now I have one happy family with my husband Ross.

Now we have
Adam Kirean' Portaville
Jesse Christiana Portaville
Kelsy Richelle Portaville

If I have a fourth child I will have another home birth.