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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:37
My husband and I decided to have another child after our other two girls had basically grown; Ashley is almost 15 and Megan is 10(not grown but didn't need our attention 24-7). I always wanted three children and of course, Warren really wanted a son. I was certain it was going to be a boy because I was sooo sick this time and don't remember being nauseous so terribly with the other two children.

We went for the sonogram and Warren with his fingers crossed first of all for healthy and also for a boy. The technician felt very confident it was a girl. The baby had all ten fingers and toes so we were thrilled. I really wanted another girl (I have 3 sisters and am much more comfortable with girls). He was disappointed for about a half of a second and then was thrilled.

Although my husband didn't want me to have any medication (I didn't with Megan, the second child), I told him until he was able to experience the pain of delivering a child he really didn't have any say so in the matter. I had done some research and talked with lots of people, and decided to have an epidural. Since I was having an epidural and wouldn't be in intense pain, we decided to ask the girls (Ashley and Megan) if they wanted to be included in the birth. Megan, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, said most infatically YES. Ashley, who cries over a hangnail or the sight of blood, wasn't the slightest bit interested in seeing the birth. I told her that was ABSOLUTELY okay, it isn't for everyone. (I rented some videos so they wouldn't be shocked when the baby didn't come out exactly like the babies on television).

On my appointment on Friday, I told the doctor I had about had it. My back hurt, my hips hurt, oh my pelvic bones hurt so bad. I had heartburn terribly the entire pregnancy and awful awful itching. He said if I hadn't had the baby by Monday, we would set up a time to induce. GREAT! I was oh so ready to have this baby.

On Sunday evening while I was on my couch (which was my bed for the past 2 months because it would give enough for me to sleep on my side), I had a strange feeling, felt kind of anxious. Around midnight I felt a contraction but you know that first couple of them, you just aren't real sure. I kept checking the clock and sure enough, every hour I felt the same pain. I continued until about 4 when they started to get harder and faster. I decided to take a shower before waking up the troups. I went to Megan's room and touched her shoulder and said, "Megan, it is time". She jumped up in a flash. She was soooo excited. We woke Ashley and Warren up and they all got dressed.

The drive to the hospital (about an hour) was nice. The pains weren't so bad that I couldn't talk but the girls said they could tell by my face when I was having a contraction.

I got all hooked up to the monitors and IVs and such. The pain started getting pretty bad. I kept thinking, "I have to keep it together, the girls are in here and I can't lose it in front of them." I asked when I could have an epidural. The nurse said they wouldn't give it to me until I was dialated to at least a 4. I said, "check me, check me...I am sure I am a 4." Of course, I was only a 3. I was starting to cry and wrench in pain. The nurse said she would give me something to make me relax a little. I can't remember what it was but she said it would make me feel like I had a few too many drinks. Well, it did and I didn't enjoy that effect at all, plus it made me really really nauseous.

The nurse came in to check me again, and while she was getting ready, my water broke. That is such a strange feeling. With the other two births, the doctor had to break it. After my water broke, things sped up a little. It wasn't long before I was dialated enough to call the anesthesiologist. It seemed like forever for him to get there.

I was really really scared about the needle. I had heard so many people say how terribly bad it hurt. Compared to the pain I was in, the needle was a picnic (even doing it twice...missed the first time). I would compare it to a bee sting. Ohhhh the pain is gone.... So for the next 3 hours I talk with my family. It is GREAT.

At about 1:00, the nurse told me I could push anytime I felt the need. I didn't really have the sensation to push like the other births but I could push though. I would push and my husband would count to 10 and I would release and take another breath and push again. I pushed until the nurse said, "okay, okay....don't push anymore. The baby is ready. Wait for the doctor."

The doctor came in about 1:50 and I just pushed a little, not even hard and Kylie was born at 2:06. She was beautiful. It is funny, the nurse took a few pictures and got the kid's and Warren's facial expressions on film. Megan, the youngest, is right down there with the doctor, with a look of total amazement and awe. Ashley, the 14 1/2 year old, is kind of in the background with a look of...well I don't want to say disgust, but definitely wasn't a thing of beauty to her. In fact, she told me afterwards that when she has children, she most definitely will have to have a shot or two of whatever they gave me when they all left the room!!

Kylie is now 6 months old and I couldn't imagine our life without her. She is such a blessing. Warren and I worried about how it would change our life style. Yes, we had to give up a little freedom that we had gotten use to over the past few years since Ashley and Megan are older but the joy she brings us soooo outweighs the few things we have gotten up. I can't hardly get enough of her, maybe it is knowing she is most likely my last baby and of course, the girls are a huge huge help. I decided with this baby to breastfeed (I didn't the other two children). It has been the most wonderful experience. I want to recommend it to everyone and give this word of advice. 1. Take it a day at a time. I expected it to be instinctual, it wasn't. It took time for us both to learn what to do. It was more painful than I expected so don't start of by saying "I am going to breastfeed for ___ months". Just say, I am going to make it through this feeding....and at the next feeding say the same thing and before you know it, the pain is gone and the special bond has developed. I cannot find words to express the feelings of closeness this simple little act give you.