My Angel's story By Angela Wright Print
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Monday, 16 February 2009 08:36
My pregnancy went very well. This was my third one and it was very different than the other 2. I had never had any morning sickness before but this time, I got hit! After 3 months it subsided and everything else was fine. In Januaury it was discovered that my glucose was testing a little high by both the 1 hour GTT and the 3 hour GTT. This was frustrating to me because I didn't agree with their diet and no one could give me a straight answer. The other problem with that was that sugar is my life! I never thought I would make it but for this miracle inside of me I would give anything. And I made it!! Everything else went along fine. My husband and myself had agreed with our doctor to do a scheduled c-section due to my other 2 being born by c-sections and that I was labeled as having "unproductive labor". We decided on April 2 as the date, 9 days before my due date. By the last month I was ready to get this over with! I was just miserable and I knew my baby was ready. I had joked with my doctor that she should do this a week early & she just laughed at me! Almost exactly that, one week before the c-section date, I woke up in the middle of the night with a wet bed. Figuring there was no way it was my water, I changed and went back to bed. The following day I had noticed wetness on & off and finally put a pad on. Next thing I noticed was that it was slimy! So I called my doctor & her (wonderful) nurse told me I better come and have the dr. check it. SO I got my mother in law for a ride & had my husband meet me at the hospitol and we went in to see the dr. She checked my fluid and said the test didn't come back that it was amniotic but I was obviously leaking something, so we decided to do the section that night. We were SO glad but yet in shock! Nothing this good ever happens to us!! So we headed my mother in law home with many things to take care of for us, including bringing our other 2 children to the hospitol a.s.a.p. Then we headed up to L&D and called my mom on the cell on our way. We got there at 3 and they were waiting for us. I was admitted and prepped and ready to go by 4:30. Shortly after, we said goodbye to my mom and walked to the O.R. with our nurse. The anestesiologist came and put my spinal in and then my dr. & husband came in and we were off!! My beautiful angel was here within minutes! He was absolutely perfect at 8lbs2ozs and 20 inches. Good thing I didn't wait 2 more weeks until my due date! Our other children were there and got to see their baby brother get his first bath.(they told me that he didn't like it at all!!) Everything was great & our hospitol stay was wonderful. We came home 3 days later. One thing I would like to add is that I think that my c-section babies are just as beautiful and special as any and that my way of having my babies isn't any less or more honorable than natural birth. To all of you mothers, God blesses us by giving us children, not by the manner in which he gives them. Good luck & God bless you all!!