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Monday, 16 February 2009 08:28
My husband and I were trying to concieve for about 4 months. Then one day I just felt weird, like something had changed. I had not even missed a period yet. I took the test and POSITIVE. We were all smiles.

For the most part my pregnancy was fairly easy. Although I did have a lot of back problems that started almost immediately, which resulted in having to go to Physical Therapy 2 times a week. But was happy to trade the morning sickness for that.

We found out by ultrasound and the chinese calendar (never been wrong) that we were going to be blesses with a baby girl. I was overjoyed. Daddy wanted a boy, but when he heard girl, he knew it would better to have a Daddy's girl. Everything was going great until about 33 weeks. The doc told me that I was measuring small and wanted to do another sono to see if there were any problems. Well the baby was measuring very small and weighing only about half of what she should. He continued doing sonograms every week to check her progress. She was gaining weight, but only about a half pound every week. He told me that if she was not 5 pounds by 37 weeks, he was going to induce.

That 37th week came and I was nervous as ever at my appointment. It turned out just as I thought it would. "She's not thriving," he said "we need to get her out and eating." I went into the hospital 2 days later on Tuesday at 8pm. The nurse started the pills that loosens your cervix. I got those off and on throughout the night. At 8am the next morning, nothing was happening, so they broke my water, and started the pitocin. The contractions started comming and by 12 noon I was dialated to a 3. I asked for an epidural and that eased the pain. I had the anestheologist come back in after a while and give me more, as it started to wear off. He became my best friend. haha. At 12:30am Thursday morning I had finally progressed to a 5. I had to call the nurse in at 1 cause I could feel her comming down and oh the pressure. I kept telling her that I felt I needed to push. She checked me again and said, "That's 10cm, I'll call the Dr." I pushed through a couple of contractions to ease the pain a bit. The epidural had started to wear off and I was feeling everything. The Dr. was there with in minutes and her head had already crowned. I pushed about 5 times and her head came out, one more and her tiny body came out.

All I heard anyone say was "She's so tiny." Which scared me. The ultrasound told an approximate weight, but that is not always correct. They laid her on my chest, and was she ever tiny. My sweet little Jordyn LeeAnn came into this world at 1:29am on April 19, 2001, weighing only 4lbs 5oz. We had a wonderful stay in the hospital and went home on Saturday. She had gotten her birth weight back before we left so that was good.

Jordyn is now 10 weeks old, and weighs 7lbs 12oz. She has started to smile and is getting over her colic for the past 7 weeks. We are completely overjoyed to have this tiny bundle come into our lives. Our life is now complete.