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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 10:00
I was due to have my first child on December 30, 2000. I was put on bedrest on September 14th due to mild contractions and high blood pressure. After fighting with my boyfriend of 4 years everyday I decided to move back into my parents house. While I was at home preparing for my son (so said the ultrasound) my boyfriend would call and be so mean that I was in tears everyday. I warned him everyday not to upset me because I could have the baby early. But he didn't care. On Halloween 2000 I went to Wal-Mart to meet my Mom so we could get some Halloween candy. My back was hurting but not really that bad. As we walked around it got a little worse. My Mom, who has high blood pressure, wanted to stop at check it. I also checked mine and it showed that is was high again. I didn't think too much about it until I got back home. Once at home I decided to call the nurse. She said I could come in but it would probably go down if I laid down. I told her I would if my back would just stop hurting. She asked how long had it been hurting and thats when I realized that my back would get worse every 10 minutes. She told me to come in. Of I go to the doctors office thats 1 hour away. When I got there they put me into a room and told me to undress. As I sat there on the bed the back pain got worse, but still not too bad. The doctor came in and did an exam. He looked up at me and said, "Mandy..I think you're in labor. You're 3 centimeters. Go down to labor and delivery". I was so happy! I had such a stronge feeling that my baby was strong enough to make it. The doctor left and the nurse said that she had delivered early and I had nothing to worry about. The doctor had said weeks before that this baby was going to be a 'whopper' so I felt better about going early. I ducked into the bathroom and called my Mom on my cell phone. I told her what the doctor said and told her to get to the hospital. I then went down to L&D where they were waiting for me. I was put into a room, I undressed then got into bed. The nurses came in and took blood, gave me a shot for the baby's lungs, did paperwork, and started potocin. I was down there about 10 minutes when the doctor came in and checked me again. I was 5 centimeters! My Mom came and while I was doing paper work my Mom was calling everybody we knew. At this point it was about 5pm and I wasn't in pain at all. I was checked about and I was 6 to 7 centimeters and everyone kept telling me to get an epidural so I decided to go ahead. The contractions were alot stronger but still not bad. About 5:30pm the doctor came in and gave me an epidural. That was creepy. The needle kinda hurt but the pressure on my spine was so weird. He tried it twice and said that if it didn't take he would come back. As my right leg went numb, my contractions got worse. Finally my Dad and Brother came in and they were in there for probably 5 mins when I said that I needed to push. My Dad and Brother left the room, my Mom got the video camera ready and more nurses came in. I pushed a few times and everyone kept telling me to not push. But I wasn't doing it, my stomach pushed on its own. The contractions were one on top of the other and I was yelling to push. AT 6pm the nurses called the intercom and said to please get the doctor in there. He came in, prepared himself and put the covers over my legs. While he was setting up, I was breathing through the contractions, and I asked him if he could see the head and he said yes! He came over and said push! I pushed one time and my son's head was born! They suctioned his mouth and nose. I asked if he was ok and the NICU doctor said that he looked good. And with one more push...my son was born! He weighed 4lbs 11oz, 18in long. He came out screaming! And used the bathroom on the doctor. They took him over to the warmer, gave him a little oxygen, then brought him over to me so I could give him a kiss. He was so pretty! My Mom went with him to the NICU. While I was in the hospital, went would go down to see him 3 times a day. And I went to see him everyday of the 2 weeks he was in the hospital. He started out on a little oxygen and they couldn't feed him. He lost down to 4lbs 1oz. After tube feedings and then learning to eat from a bottle, he came home on November 15, 2000. At that time he weighed 4lbs 15oz. He is now 11 weeks old and weighs about 10lbs 7oz and 21in long. He isn't sleeping through the night yet because he wakes up starving. After being at home while he was in the hospital, I will never conplain about changing a diaper or waking up to feed him. That was the loniest time of my life. Now I don't know how I ever lived without him.