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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:24

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Two babies who just wouldn't wait!
By Sian

I was 18 and pregnant with my son, Todd David - I was due 19 August. I woke up on Sunday, 1 July, to use the toilet and my water broke with a gush - I was 33 weeks pregnant. Since it was my first baby and I was just a teenager myself, I was terrified - but my husband went back to bed, saying since it was my first I'd be in labour a long time. After an hour, at 6:00 am, I felt very much as if I needed to get to hospital. He got up, dallied about a bit, then off we went. It was an Army teaching hospital at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and I arrived sometime around 6:45 am. I was quickly shaved (yuck), given an enema (even yuckier), and while on the toilet after that I felt as if I needed to push, just terrified I would give birth to my precious son in the loo! That didn't happen, and I was taken immediately to the delivery suite, where the doctor was next door delivering a set of twins. The nurse came by and checked me, then gave me an epesiotomy WITHOUT checking that I'd been numbed first... I hadn't, and it REALLY hurt! The doctor came in and I was ready to go, so he told me to push, which I did. However, after a few pushes I suddenly lost the urge to push - so they complained that I wasn't cooperating, gave me a shot of Demerol and a shot of Valium, and took the baby via forceps. He was 5lbs 14.5oz and 18" long, with a head circumference of 13". They told me he'd have been 10lbs had I carried him to term. He had a little problem with jaundice and spent a week under the Bili-lights, but was fine. He is now approaching his 16th birthday and is such a wonderful, happy, healthy young man that I only wish he had been twins!

7 years later I had my daughter, Moriah Raisa Sarai, and it couldn't have been any more different if I'd tried. In a way it was similar, I went into labour at 33 weeks, but this time they stopped me with Magnesium Sulfate, which I spent 3 days on and then went to oral Terbutaline and was sent home for 6 weeks on bed rest. At 38 weeks I'd had enough, and I stopped taking the Terb on a Monday. The following night, Tuesday night, I went to the bathroom and again, my water broke, just like with David. I was hoping for a short labour but had no idea just how short it would be! My water broke at 9:30pm, and my husband and I dropped my son off at a friend's house and drove to hospital. When I got there I couldn't walk, so I was taken up to L&D in a wheelchair (which I found somewhat humiliating). When I arrived I was put on a gurney and examined - I was 7cm already and had only been in labour for half an hour. : ) They shoved an IV into my left arm and raced me to the delivery suite, where I had to somehow move onto the delivery table (that was hard!). Once on there, my husband was told to go wash his hands, but as soon as he left I had to push. I pushed once, and they raced to get my husband! On the second push, Moriah's head emerged and she entered the world screaming like a banshee! On the third push, she was born completely. I had no drugs whatsoever and I have to tell you that after she was born I felt the most fantastic I have ever felt! I couldn't stay in bed, I was wandering all over the place with my IV drip - just couldn't be still! I was in labour with Moriah for 57 minutes, start to! The only disadvantage to it was that she came out rather bruised and beaten, having hit every bone on the way out. : )

I am now 8 weeks pregnant with my third baby, and wondering whether my labour will be as short as my first two - and whether it will also decide 33 weeks is long enough. The doctors are planning an amniocentesis at around week 32 to determine how it's lungs are, then if they are fine they'll just let me go at 33 weeks, if that turns out to be the case. Will let you know!