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Thursday, 23 October 2008 09:59

     During my 8th month of pregnancy my husband was offered a job 2.5 hrs away so we knew that we would be moving. I felt very energetic during my pregnancy and did not give it a second thought while packing and handling the details of our move. On the day of the move I remember standing in the closet and feeling a trickle down my leg. I groaned thinking I had once again peed myself and just cleaned up the floor and went to take a shower. The baby had a habit of pressing against my bladder and forcing urine out.

      It was my water breaking at that point, but I expected a gush, not a trickle. We instructed the movers and then were on our way to our new home. Everything was perfect. That night I remember having a back ache and walking around trying to get rid of the pain, it never clicked that my labor pains might be in a my back, and because this was my first child I never knew what to expect. We went to bed and the next day my husband went to work. He came home that afternoon as I was making some lunch and said he was worried and perhaps we should head back home, it was too late to switch doctors and insurance so I was having the baby back where we moved from. I laughed and reminded him that the baby was not due for 3 more weeks, but after his insisting we got in the car for the drive back.

      I started to write down what time my back hurt, half thinking I might have been in labor. When we were half way there I asked if he would mind stopping at Taco Bell because I was hungry again. (I ate like a pig that day! :) The whole time we were at Taco Bell satisfying my craving for nachos I had no pains. We still joke that Taco Bell cures labor pains. After returning home I decided to stay with my parents and he drove back to the new house. Around 10pm that night my Mother and I were talking and I told her my back was really starting to hurt so she called my doctor for me and the doctor suggested we come to the hospital. We were watching a movie and decided to wait until it was over to go! hehehe

      When we arrived the nurse checked me and said I was 3cm so my Father called my husband and told him to drive back to the hospital (Jim was in the car for over 8 hrs that day!). The doctor gave me nu-ban (sp?) for the pain and it made me sick and very dizzy, next time I am going to have an epidural.

      Jim finally made it to the hospital and it helped me relax a lot. At 7:20am I was taken to the delivery room and told I could push when I felt like it. I pushed twice and out popped a beautiful 5lb 13oz little girl. Charlotte Virginia Sue was born at 7:36am on October 4th, 95. I had been in the hospital from 11:30pm and labor was not that bad. Because she was a little early I got to look at her and Jim carried her to the nursery where they checked her lungs, etc. Breast feeding did not go well because of the drugs I was given made her very sleepy. I managed to do it for a week, but the stress of being a new mother without good information was too much and I switched to formula.

      Charlotte is now 19 months old and a very active, intelligent, toddler. She is the light of my life.

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