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Thursday, 05 February 2009 11:40
I am a member of a preemie distribution mailing list and received the link to the labor of love web site. I would like to tell my story. Three and 1/2 yrs ago I found out I was pregnant w/#2. Our son was just 18 months old, so we thought this would be great! From the beginning this pregnancy was different from my first. I was alot more nauseus and tired, never had full morning sickness, but the dry heaves. I did start to feel better mid November.

In December of 1996 I went in for an Amino ( I was 40 and felt this was a very important test) and an ultra sound. The ultra sound showed that I was indeed 85% having a girl this time around, but we would not know for sure till the Amino tests came back. Well, the week of Christmas I found out for sure we were having a girl, our family would be complete, one of each. I then surprised my husband for Christmas....with pink booties!! We were both in tears!

Then mid January I started staining, this was over the weekend. So first thing Monday morning I headed to the Dr's. I was in my 22nd week. After an examination,, he sent me directly to the hospital. I did not at the time, but our little girl was in the Birth canal. I also did not know the road I was about to take to save our little girl. Upon arriving at the hospital I was immediately rushed to labor and delivery where I was taken to have an ultra sound and then put in bed at a 45% angle, and put on Mag Sulfate. I was to have surgery to keep her inside of me (cerclauge) the next morning. Knowing that she was developing normally and approx a week to 10 days ahead of schedule. I had to take the chance and have the surgery. If I did not have the surgery her chance of survival was 0%, and after surgery 5% each day I held her. So I had the surgery and was sent home from the hospital on bedrest approx 6 days later. After 2 days of being home I started bleeding very heavily, and was sent once again back to the hospital. When I arrived I was again put on Mag and given the steriod shot for lung development. So for the next two weeks I was ushered between labor and delivery and high risk till she decided to make an entrance on Valentine's Day. Nothing they gave me when I went into labor slowed her down, so once again they gave the steriod shot.

Our little miracle was born at 7:45am weighing in at 1lb and 14 oz and was 14" in length. Delina was in NICU for two months..came home weighing 4lbs and 12oz.

She went the normal route for a preemie, but came home a whole month early from her actual due date. After her release her eyes were slow to develop normally, but was released from the Retina specialist after 6months. Today she is 3 years and is ever Determined in all that she does. She is 26lbs, delicate and petite, but the spirit of this little one cannot be matched.

I am ever glad that I decided to go ahead w/the surgery instead of wondering the rest of my life "What If"....Now I know for sure I made the right decision.

She is my strength!!

mom of 2:
a ft boy --to be 5 March 8th
a 26wkr girl 3 yrs Today!