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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 09:19
June 19, '98 I was sitting on the floor playing video game. I had a bothersome pregnacy from the 10th week on. I had been on bedrest and had only been allowed up about the last month. I started feeling some cramping but didn't think about it much. I was only 24 weeks along and knew that Brackston Hicks would be starting soon anyway. Well, the cramping was not going away, so I decided to call the doctors office. It was only around 9:00 at night but I think that they woke up the mid-wife. She called me back and kind of laughed at me. She said that they where just Brackston Hicks and that I should just drink some ice water and lay on my left side. I did that and they went away.

The next day, Saturday, my best friend and I went yardsaling and the contractions came back. Chris, my friend, had just had a baby 4 months before this, so I knew how to time them. Well, they where really erratic, so once again I drank ice water and laid down. I knew that I should have called the midwife back but after being laughed at I didn't want to look like a hysterical first time mother. Once again they went away only to come back the next day. I called the midwife and she said to call her back and go to the hospital if I had more then 6 contractions in an hour. I never did that day but then early Monday morning they were pretty consistant.

It was almost time for my husband to wake up for work, so I waited until he got up. I then called the midwife again and she said that she wasn't going to make me wait until the office opened and that I should go straight to the hospital. I thought how kind of her to do this for me. I guess she got sick of hearing from me.

I finally went to the hospital where my husband dropped me off. He wasn't to concerned thinking that I was just being silly. I got to Labor and Delivery where they hooked me up to the monitor and called my dr. He was already at the hospital delivery someone else so he came right away for which I was very greatful. He examined me only to find out that I was 4 cm. and fully thinned out. He wasn't to happy to find out that I had been having contractions all weekend. They started Mag. Sulfate to try and stop the contractions. The dr. said that I would be transfered to a bigger hospital where they have an Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

They had a hard time with my insurance company because they didn't have an ambulance service in that town. I would have to of waited about an hour but they called them back and got the okay to use the one in town. It only took half and hour to get to the other hospital. All the way in the ambulance my contractions where coming faster but not harder. I had to breath through them and that really scared me. I knew that things were serious and cursed myself for not listening to my body.

I finally got to the other hospital where they layed me flat on my back. I was hooked up again to the monitor and was comfortable until a student nurse came in and started to fool around with the probes. Well, needless to say she lost the heartbeat and I had to lay on my side which was very uncomfortable to say the least.

The dr. came in and checked me out. Nothing really changed in the 4 hours since I had first gotten to the first hospital. They didn't want to bother me too much because of worries over infections. The neonatalogist was to come in and see me later to talk about the problems of a baby born so early.

My contractions where getting worse but not too bad. I was thinking about asking for something but then the pain would go away. The way the room was set up the clock was over my head so I couldn't time them myself. The nurse that was there wasn't telling me anything. I was all alone because my wonderful husband didn't want to come until we knew for sure what was going on.

All of the sudden I felt this warm rush of water. At first I thought that some how my folly had come out and I was peeing on myself. I knew that couldn't happen and that it was my water. I pushed the call button franticly wanting someone to come and tell me it wasn't what I feared most. They pulled the bed apart and checked me out. I was fully dialated and was ready to push.

I asked them to call my husband and tell him to come. The nurse had to talk to him because at this point I would have not been so nice to him. The dr. came in and he got me prepped. They had also brought in an ultrasound machine to find out if she was breach or head down. After some debate they found out they she was breach and told me I had to get her out fast.

The one nurse asked me if I knew what I was having. I told her no. She said that she wasn't going to tell me and I was going to have to wait a few more minutes. I was finally ready and everyone else that was to be there showed up so the pushing began. I only pushed 4 times before her body came out. Her head was stuck so they had to give me a little cut as the dr. told it. The head finally came out. I never felt such relief in my life. Then all of the sudden the dr. put his hand inside my uterus and tried to pull out the placenta. I never had any pain like that. I am not a violent person but I almost kicked him. I asked what he was doing. He said that he had to get the placenta out. I thought to myself and should have said it, that God had planned it to come out and he would just have to wait a minute. The dr. stitched me up and then delivered the afterbirth with no problem.

They showed me my daughter as they were taking her out of the room to go the the NICU. I don't really rememeber what she looked like. I was so scared and at the same time happy because I had always wanted a little girl.

My husband finally showed up. I was so happy to finally have him there. Kathy our daughter was 1lb. 9 oz. and 12 3/4 in. long. She stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 months before we were finally able to bring her home. I pumped for 6 weeks before my milk dried up. I was so disappointed but happy just to have her alive. She has some problems with her developement but is healthy and happy. I still go to the same dr. office only because the midwife is not there any more. Next time if everything goes right, I would really like to try for a home birth. I would be nice not to have all the interferance if it isn't needed.