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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 10:18
It was January 6th, 1998 and I was at the doctor's office for my regular check-up, when my blood pressure soared! I knew something was up after the nurse took my blood pressure three times, and the doctor began the visit by taking it again. The doctor wanted me to go directly to the hospital, for observation. Don't worry he said. Don't worry! How can I not be worried, this baby isn't due until March 1! I am 8 weeks away. Here I was alone at the doctors, and he wants me to go to the hospital. I am crying so hard I can barely see. Luckily, my sister works next door to the doctor's office, so I call her to take me to the hospital.

In route, I call my husband to get his butt to the hospital. I also call my boss to let her know I will not be back to work for a while. (At least until after the baby is born.) I get to the hospital and they admit me to a birthing suite, where they hook me up to various monitors and give me a steroid shot to help the baby's lungs develop. The baby's heartbeat is strong; my blood pressure is going down, all good signs. I have another ultrasound, and everything thing looks okay. I spend two days at the hospital, then the doctor decides I can go home on complete bed rest, but he will want to see me 2x a week from now on. But there is a catch, next week; he is leaving the country for 2 weeks.

So I go home for the weekend, (this is Thursday). Monday, my sister in law takes me to my appointment, and guess what? My blood pressure is up again! Back to the hospital! This time, they only keep me a few hours and send me home. My doctor says goodbye, and refers me to one of his associates.

Thursday, my sister takes me to see this new doctor. This time the nurse has me come in, and just lay down and relax before they come to take my blood pressure. Nice try! But it is up again!

This doctor decides she is not fooling around with this any more, and decides to induce me. Back to the hospital once again. I call my husband, and tell him its time. He is freaking! All day Thursday, I lay around the hospital, hooked up to all kinds of monitors, with NOTHING to eat or drink. (They give me another steroid shot for the baby's lungs.) My mother, sister, brother, other sister and husband are all there.

Finally around 8:00 PM the doctor comes in and says lets get this started and inserts something to make my cervix soften. She says this has to remain in place for 12 hours, so everyone should just go home. Everyone stays until about 11:00, when I go to the bathroom and the thing falls out. My husband is really freaking now, cause he's now thinking that it has to stay in 12 hours from NOW, instead of from 8:00 PM. Another doctor comes in and reinserts it, and everyone goes home except my husband.

This thing causes cramping and my back hurts, and they want me to lay on my left side, (for the blood pressure) so I can't sleep. To top it off, my I.V. monitor is from the special care nursery, so the alarm sounds every hour. Get some rest? HA!

At 8:00 am, the doctor returns, checks me and says I am only 70% effaced, and 2 cm dilated. She breaks my water, and now the contractions really start! They have to put me on oxygen for the baby. The nurses keep asking me if I need any pain medication and at 1:00 PM I give in. They give me something, and I am loopy. I finally get some rest. My mom said, I'd be asleep, but every 4-5 minutes I'd begin moaning through the contraction. The nurses kept checking me, but I was not progressing so the upped my pitocin.

Around 8:30 PM, they gave me the epidural. It wasn't as bad as I feared. At around 11:00 PM the doctor came in and checked me and said I could start pushing. I pushed once and no the baby wasn't born, the doctor left. She left me with another doctor.

Well, I pushed for a LONG time, with my husband by my side helping the best he could. In between pushes, he would go out into the hallway, where my mom, 2 sisters, brother & his wife, and my mother & father in law were waiting, and talk to them. I finally put an end to that.

At 2:49am, after nearly 4 hours of pushing my son was born! He was all of 4 lbs. 13. 5 oz. I saw him VERY briefly, before they whisked him off to the special care nursery. He was 6 weeks premature but overall, he was healthy! He spent only nine days in the hospital before coming home.

He is now 14 month and doing extremely well. We are beginning to think about a brother or sister for him.