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Monday, 01 December 2008 09:52

My daughter, Ashley, was born at 25 weeks gestation and weighed 1 1/2 pounds. She was the tiniest little baby I had ever seen. She was not even really a baby but still a fetus. At the time her chances of living were about 50 / 50, it was really scary! Complications set in and our daughter went through every unimaginable procedure and illness possible. This tiny little baby, no bigger than your hand was hooked up to wires and taped together so that hardly any skin was left showing on her wrinkled up little body. She was a true inspiration though because each time you thought the end was near for her frail little life, she somehow managed to pull through. The months went by as we sat and watched her through plastic doors of an incubator and slowly she grew, VERY SLOWLY. After 41/2 months of daily trips to the hospital, spending hours upon hours sitting in a chair and singing to her, talking to her and praying with her we were finally allowed to take her home. She now weighed 5 1/2 pounds. The road has been long and hard. There have been many obstacles to over come but today I look at my 2 1/2 year old little girl and there she is playing like all 2 year olds do and she says to me "Where is God?" And I tell her God is in you my dear for you are a precious miracle that he sent to us! And I now truly do know the miracle of life!


Ashley - Right after Birth

Ashley - Now!