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Tuesday, 18 November 2008 08:43
     This is the story of the birth of my son Torin written by me, his mother, Marsha Alston.

Getting Pregnant

      Some people would probably call an unplanned pregnancy a mistake, but my husband and I prefer to call ours a surprise. I officially found out I was pregnant on December 21, 1993, although at 4 weeks I already was pretty sure that I was. My husband, then my boyfriend, and I had only been together six months, but we were nonetheless excited and happy. The hard part was telling our parents, but when we finally did, everything went well and we were married three months later.

A Hard Pregnancy

      The first four months of my pregnancy went very smoothly. I was always bragging that I hadn't had one bout of morning sickness and my weight gain was just right. Then came month 5. All of a sudden, not only did I have morning sickness, I had all day sickness. the doctor put me on Phenergan, which helped the queasiness, but made me feel crazy. This lasted about four weeks. I'm not sure if it actually got better or I just got accustomed to feeling like I was on a roller coaster all day every day! We did get to have an ultrasound and discovered that we were having a boy.

      Then, one day in my 23rd week, I started feeling really weird. My belly kept getting tight and I felt like I was having menstrual cramps. I called the doctor and he told me to go right to the hospital! It turns out I was having real contractions. By the time we got there, the pains were terrible and IN MY BACK! I remember thinking that labor was going to kill me! They stopped the contractions with some kind of shot and sent me home. Between the 23rd and the 33rd week, I was back at the hospital four or five times. Luckily, the back pains didn't return and I was able to concentrate more on what was at stake. The nurses liked to tease me that every time there was a full moon, they got a room ready for me!

      Mysteriously, as soon as it was safe for my baby to arrive, he decided that he didn't want to come after all! Everything was ready, but no baby. We had believed that he would be early, because the doctor had said that the next time that I went into labor, he'd let it go. I remember going to the doctor on my due date and begging him to induce me. It was late August, I had gained 50 pounds and I was ready. He told me to be patient. The next day I started feeling sick and discovered that my blood pressure had risen far above normal for me. The doctor finally decided that he would induce.


      I went to the hospital on the evening of August 23. The plan was to give me a suppository and send me home to return at 6 the next morning. Lucky for me that I brought my bag, because when the doctor tried to insert the suppository, my water broke! So we were there to stay! It was 7:30pm. Somehow, I expected to be in labor immediately. But, it seems that my son still wasn't ready. After four hours of partying in my labor room, the doctor finally decided to give me Pitocin. I gladly accepted, because I wanted to see my son! I told them to make sure that the anesthesiologist wasn't on break when it was time for my epidural!

      The first few hours of labor were pretty uneventful. They gave me an epidural at around 12:30 and then we partied for another 4 hours. At about 5:00 am, I began to be a little bit uncomfortable, and sent everyone except my husband away. By 6 am, things were moving right along, but I still was only 6 cm. dilated. Things eased up a bit until around 7:30am when I began to feel terribly sick. I threw up the cake my mom had brought me and begged for something for the nausea. They gave me Phenergan and I remember feeling like I was floating. I actually confused the nurse(a white woman) for my husband(a black man)! It took about a half hour for things to get back to normal and by that time I was having regular hard contractions which were not terribly painful, but were definitely hard. At about 8:45, I began to feel like I just had to have a bm. I remember thinking, "OH, great timing!" The nurse said that she didn't think it was time yet, but then she checked me and found out I was at 10cm. She ran to wake the doctor up and he got there just in time! I began to push and the doctor said that I should stop-that he was halfway out. But I thought, no, I want to do this NOW, and so I did! I only pushed for 20 minutes which they told me was not long for a first baby and then he was here!

      He weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz. and was 21 inches long. We had already decided that he would be called Torin Scott, and he seemed to respond when my husband called his name. I was really upset that they wouldn't let me hold him. They were too busy fussing over me. It turns out that at the end, my blood pressure was so high, I could have had a stroke, and they wanted to make sure that it had gone down. It had and finally, I got to hold my Torin. I remember being very concerned about how much hair he had. He was very pink, which I hadn't expected, since his father is black, but he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. And the sight of my husband holding Torin, is one picture that I will never forget.

      All in all, I have to say that pregnancy and labor weren't as bad as I always envisioned them. And, I would go through them 200 times over to have my son.