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Thursday, 29 October 2009 15:12

I already had two kids, a nine year old boy, Tanner from a previous relationship and a three year old boy, Nathan with my husband. After Nathan was born my dh and I decided no more kids. My dh has no patience with babies and I happily went back to work when Nathan was 1 1/2 years old. But... the baby bug bit me again. I really wanted a daughter so I researched all of the different ways out there to try and get pregnant with a girl and started implementing all of them. After two months of trying we found out that we were pregnant with an EDD of September 29th 2009. I was very excited and started sharing our news with friends and family.

My pregnancy was pretty uneventful. I did get morning sickness in the form of dizzy spells and frequent bowel movements-that was lovely! I didn't get any morning sickness with either of my first two pregnancies though so I was hoping it meant that I was having a girl. On April 28th, when I was 18 weeks, I went in for an ultrasound and found out that yes, the baby was a girl. I was so excited! The rest of my family was excited also, my mom had already bought like seven or eight girl outfits by that weekend (the baby was to be the first grand daughter on either side).

Everything was normal for the rest of the pregancy. I didn't have any complications with either of my first two pregnancies or deliveries so I was hoping for the same with this one. The only thing was that both of my first two babies were big, 9 lb 4 oz. and 10 lb 10oz so my doctor and I were both a little concerned about the size of this baby. At 36 weeks the doctor ordered another ultrasound to check size and determined that she was about 6 lb 12 oz which put her on track to be in the high eights at full term-- she would be little compared to the other two! With both of my first two babies I had epidurals and only pushed through a couple contractions before they were born. In the beginning of this pregnancy I said I would probably have an epidural again, but towards the end I started thinking that I would try without drugs. It was nice not to feel the pain but I didn't like having to be stuck in bed with the iv hooked up and feeling disconected from the process. I didn't even know when I was having a contraction, the nurse would have to tell me when to push so I wanted to have the full experience this time. My husband thought I was crazy so I started looking on-line for support and other people's stories, that is how I found this web-site. I read everybody's story that did it without drugs so that I could have the reinforcement that it could be done!

Starting with my 37 week check I was dialated to 2 cm. By my 39 week check I was at 2 and baby was low so the doctor stripped my membraines--that hurt! She said she thought I wouldn't make it through the weekend...but come Monday I was still pregnant and went back to the doctor for my 40 week check. I was now at 3 cm and he suggested we induce on Wednesday, I had wanted to go into labor on my own but it was too inticing to resist so I said yes. However, come Wednesday we got no phone call from the hospital. I finally called them and they said they were really busy and it didn't look like it was going to happen and that I should call the doctor the next morning. When I talked to my nurse the next morning she set up for me to be induced on the following Monday which would have been 40 wk 6 days. I was feeling really discouraged and wanted the baby out. I spent hours on this web site reading people's stories and just trying to pass the time. On Thursday I decided I was going to see an acupuncturist to see if that would help. I went that night and had it done. Then on Friday I decided I was pulling out all the stops and was going to drink castor oil. I drank it at about 11:00 that morning, I started having mild diarhea that lasted a few hours. Then at about 4:30 I felt my first contraction.

I continued having contractions so at about 6:30 I called my mom and told her I thought she should come get my boys (now 10 and 4). My husband and 10 year old were at football practice so I called him and told him I thought tonight was the night but not to rush. My mom came and by 8:30 I decided that we could go to the hospital. When we got there I was checked and found that I was still at 3 cm. The nurse suggested that I walk around the hospital for an hour and see if we could get my cervix moving. We did and when I was checked again she said I was at 4 cm and my bag of water was bulging-they would admit me! We got up to labor and delivery and were put in a room the nurse asked me about pain medication and I told her I would like to try to go natural. Unforturnately whenever I would rest, my contractions would slow down and become less painful so my dh and I walked and walked and walked trying to get my labor going a little faster. We slept for about and hour and a half and then got back up and walked more. By 8:30 the next morning I was still only at about 5 to 6 cm (depending on who did the exam) so I decided to let the doctor break my bag of water to see if that would get things moving a little faster-It did! Up until then, the contractions were painful but very managable. Soon after having my water broke the contractions started steadily getting more and more painful. I tried different positions and went in the shower for a little while, mostly I just would death grip the handrails of my bed and close my eyes through the contractions and my (fabulous) nurse would remind me to breath so I would try and focus on breathing in and out. I still didn't have any pain medication-my nurse kept telling me how proud she was of me that I hadn't asked for anything and that 8-10 cm is the hardest to get through so ask if I needed it. Oh was she right, going from 8 to 10 cm was awful. Those contractions made the ones I had been having for the previous 20 hours seem like a walk in the park. Finally, at about 1:45 I started to feel like my body was getting ready to push. I told the nurse that I wasn't trying but it felt like my body was trying to push. She got the doctor and they got everything ready. The first contraction after the doctor said I could start pushing I only half pushed, I didn't want to push hard yet because I was scared about the pain and I just wanted to kind of test it out. It felt better to push though so on the next contraction I pushed hard and could feel the babies head come out and then the shoulders, then the rest of her body sort of slid out. Feeling the head and shoulders come out was the worst pain but afterwards I was so proud of myself that I actually went through the whole 22 hour labor with no drugs. They put my daughter on my chest and she was so perfect. She weighed 9 lbs even and was 21 3/4 inches long. I didn't tear at all so I didn't need stitches, it took a few minutes to deliver my placenta but both Kamryn and I were doing great.

My parents were waiting with my boys in the waiting area so they got to see her as soon as the doctor was done with Kamryn and me. They both thought she was so cute and were very proud big brothers. Kamryn will be 4 weeks old in a couple days and she is doing great. To all of you who are thinking about laboring without drugs- You CAN do it and don't let other people discourage you!

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