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Thursday, 12 February 2009 13:57
I found out I was pregnant with Cassie in July of 2000. My son Colin was only 5 months, and we had just moved to another town the week before. Not the best timing, but we were still delighted. Colin had been born with a nurse midwife in a hospital, but this arrangment was not available where we now lived. I started to see the local OB, but in my fifth month, I discovered a local lay midwife and decided to have a homebirth. At this time, I also switched to a family doctor who was supportive of homebirth.

At 36 weeks I began to have alot of preparatory labor. I would more or less have strong contractions 2-3 min apart for several hours each day and then they would stop. I was confident that all the contractions were doing some work and thankful that I didn't have to do it all at once!! At 38+ weeks my water bag started to leak. I went to the hospital that evening to have the fluid tested to be 100% positive it was amniotic fluid. It was! I checked out AMA (they wanted me to stay and be induced), and went home. I took castor oil and blue and black cohosh to try to kick labor into high gear, but nothing happened. The next afternoon, 24 hours after I ruptured I went back to the hospital to be induced. Arriving at the hospital I was 3+ cm, and 50% effaced. I was hooked to pitocin for that afternoon and evening. I tried walking the hallways, squatting on the birthing ball, standing, etc., but nothing happened. They shut off the pitocin overnight to let me rest.

The next morning my doctor came and conducted a fern test to check for amniotic fluid. He found none. I was told I probably had a high leak in the top of my bag and I might trickle a little, but not to worry about it. I was sent back home, no baby.

At 39+ weeks, exactly a week after I started to trickle, my waters REALLY broke. Still no labor. I waited until that evening and decided to go back to the hospital because of the risk of infection. When I arrived I was hooked back up to pitocin. Repeat earlier scene. Nothing happens. They undo the pitocin and let me rest overnight. The next morning they restart the pitocin and once again nothing happens. By noontime we were frustrated and angry. We knew that she was not ready to be born, or I would be in labor. We also thought that we were heading for an unneccassary C-section simply because my waters had broken even though both the baby and I were doing great.

My doctor decided to call in the OB for a consult. He was not to happy to see us again since we had left his practice for another. We discussed putting in an internal contraction monitor so they could offically tell me that my occasional dinky contractions weren't doing anything. Of course during our discussion he failed to provide full informed consent, neglecting to tell me that I would not be able to get out of bed with it in. We decided to do it even though we felt it was another step toward a C-section. The exam to insert the monitor was very uncomfortable and showed me to still be 3+cm and 50% effeced, same as last week. I immediatley had a very strong contraction, time 1:00 PM. Within the next few minutes I had two more contractions. I was completely unable to relax through them. I turned to my husband and told him there was no way I was going to be able to make it, it was already so bad. He told me that I was in my self-doubt phase and I must be getting close. I told him there's no way, I have only had three contractions. Then, my doctor walks in and says that the OB had told him I was moaning like I was 7 cms. He checks me and says, "I agree, you're 7 cms." I couldn't belive it 3 to 7 in 3 contractions. I felt much better after that because I knew I was close.

All the nurses started running to set up the room which made it impossible for me to concentrate on relaxing. I was having very hard pain. After another hour, about 2:30, I couldn't take it anymore. I told everyone I was going to the shower unhooked my monitor and went. I still had the internal monitor in although it was unhooked. My husband stood behind me in the shower and I aimed the water right at the lowest part of my belly. At about 3:00 I started to need to squat. The contractions were one right after the other. I begged my husband to let me have drugs in between every one. He was very supportive and told me I was almost done and to relax.

At 3:20 I checked my self and felt a little lip remaining of my cervix. The baby's haed was very low. I started to push just a little at the tail end of the contrations. I had no overwhelming urge to push, but it felt good. At 3:30 a nurse said I had to get out of the shower, that she needed to check me. I was having a continous contraction, so in between peaks I would stand up take a step and squat back down. I made it out of the bathroom and to the foot of the bed. I knew I would not be able to lay down for the exam, so I made her check me in the squat. She said she thought I was 10(which I already knew), but she couldn't be sure because I wouldn't lay down. She went to get the doctor. I crawled up onto the bed and got on my hands and knees, but immediatly needed to squat again. I jumped up facing the head of the bed with my husband holding me up on the side. I felt they baby coming down and my body started pushing. I called out that I was pushing and the nurse in the room said ok. Within moments I could feel her crown, and reached my hand down to support my perinium. I caught her head in my hands. I said that her head was out and a nurse walking into the room yelled down the hall for the OB (damn her, I was doing fine). I flipped over and pushed her the rest of the way out right when the OB arrived.

We were incredibly excited. I started rubbing her and pulling her toward me. The OB clamps the cord and starts to cut, which we didn't want done, and gets into and argument over it with my husband. It was more or less done and the clamps had caused the cord to stop pulsating, so it was cut. She was breathing fine but was blue, so instead of letting me warm her the doctor took her from me and put her on the warming bed. He came back and started tugging on my cord to get the placenta. I told him to stop, but he said it was almost out and did it anyway. I had two small labial tears that needed no stitches. I got Cassie back about 5 minutes later and she latched on and started breastfeeding immediatly. She was 9lbs. 2 oz. and 19 1\2 in, born at 3:40PM on March 29, 2001.

Several days after she was born I developed a uterine infection from small pieces of retained placenta, due to it having been pulled out. Overall I had a good birth, but I am disappointed with the way the doctor treated us. Next time will definatly be at home.