The Bradley Birth of Mary Grace Kayla By Anne Marie Print
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Thursday, 12 February 2009 13:26
The birth of our daughter Mary Grace was one of the most anticipated days of not only me life but my husband, Rob's as well. I had read every book imaginable regarding unmedicated birth as well as breastfeeding. I felt I was in relatively good health even though I indulged myself with many sweets during my forty-two weeks of pregnancy.

We signed up for Bradley Instruction through the hospital we were planning to birth at, we had over thirty hours of education on unmedicated birth. We had fabulous instructors who were actual Labor and Delivery nurses in the hospital. As it turned out one of our instructors happened to be our Labor and Delivery nurse, (all of my prayers were answered).

When my due date passed, I began to get really edgy, I had been nesting since I read the EPT, so that was not a sign that my water was about to break. I ended up showing pre-eclamptic signs around my 41st week. I went to the hospital to be monitored and the baby was fine, good for the baby, bad for impatient me. The baby was getting really big, or so I thought, since she wasn't moving as much. I walked miles and miles, the water did not break.

About 8 days after my due date my Ob-Gyn scheduled a non-stress test, the baby again was fine, my blood pressure was a little high, but whose blood pressure would not be! Finally I was scheduled to be induced the next night. My husband and I did not want to be induced, it went against all of our Bradley training, but on the other hand I had had it with being pregnant and did not want a Ceasarian section (which incidently, may family members told me I would probably get).

So I am admitted to the hospital to be induced (am I sufficiently boring all of you readers yet???). Okay I received the Cervadil shoestring around 10pm, I felt nothing, my cervix had already been effaced 100% for two weeks, I just wasn't dilating. So anyway, the cervadil was not fun when it got placed but I laid in bed the whole night waiting for the pitocin at 10 am.

For some reason only 1 in about 1000 people go into labor on Cervadil jelly. I am that 1 in 1000. My water broke on its own at 2 am, (and it wasn't stained with milconium- I could not believe it). I was originally concerned that I would not know what my water was, but it felt warm like bath water and it was not sticky at all. (How come they don't tell you that). Around 4 am I had regular contractions. They were coming every 6 minutes, I didn't even wake up Rob, they felt like menstrual cramps. I was just so happy I did not have to receive pitocin and I would be holding my baby at long last, NINE DAYS after the due date.

So we put the classical music on, the contractions lasted a lot longer and then came a lot quicker. Around 11 am I am pretty sure I went into what they call transition. I stayed in the bathroom for this whole hour, with both my husband and the L and D nurse. Transition hurt a lot, the music had since been turned off. I stayed on the toilet, my husband sat in front of me and every time a contraction came I squeezed the life out of his shoulders as he put the cloth on my chest or forehead (or wherever I commanded).

So finally around 12:30 I was fully dilated and was given permission to push. (Just a little FYI, Bradley felt internal exams were not that helpful to the laboring woman, I only had two internals in my whole pregnancy, one when they pulled the Cervadil string out- I was 4 cm and two, when I thought I had to poop and I was 10 cm.)

So I tried ever pushing position known to woman and man. The rocker, the bed, on all fours, everything. I must say transition was more pain then pushing, I had about 5 minutes of rest between each 2 minute contraction. Let me tell you those five minutes I could have rested forever before pushing again. No one counted to ten when I pushed like you saw on The Learning Channel. Sometimes I only pushed once because I was tired. The nurse and Rob were great. Apparently the head was in the textbook position but kept on moving back into the canal.

So after three hours of pushing like a Gladiator, I tore bad!, It really didn't hurt, but the blood felt sticky. The Ob-Gyn came in and asked what happened. We told him and he asked me to get on the bed and use the traditional stirrup position. I was tired, so I relented, I had been squatting for over an hour.

Within minutes I received a fourth degree episiotomy, this is when I received Lidocaine, I felt nothing when he made the incision. I tried to push some more, no head, finally the cradle came out and the doctor suggested we use the Stimpson forceps.

I was not opposed to forceps, but I had never felt pain like this before, my mom heard me scream in the waiting room 30 feet away.

At 3:37, after about 8 more pushes, we had our little girl, she was enormous. 10 lbs. 1 oz, her head was 14 inches, her chest was also 14 inches. (I am pretty sure I was in mid-air when her chest came out)

Mary Grace Kayla breast fed like a pro, immediately after birth, she was warm, and her APGAR was 10. (Yes, I am just a little proud of her!)

My doctor couched me through delivering the placenta, I heard it was large, but two days after birth, when I weighed myself, I had lost 28 lbs., I had gained 52 during the pregnancy, it was a good start.

So, in summary, I will birth all of our future children without medication, I had a fantastic recovery! Mary Grace was never a sleepy newborn, she was extremely alert from birth. (I will mention that I did get hemorrhoids, another thing they don't mention in the readings). Good luck to you, for me the nine days was worth the wait and the recovery was amazingly quick.