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Thursday, 12 February 2009 13:18
I have always been told that each birth experience is different, I now know this to be true. I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, and two very different births. My first daughter, Kylie, was easy but very long. Her sister Gracie was quick but very painful. Kylie was born a few days past her due date, as to Gracie went weeks past hers.

From the beginning my doc and I disagreed on my due date. My original due date was set for November 25, 2000. My husband and I knew this was correct. I was very positive about the night we conceived. The doctor liked to change around my due date at almost every visit. So when my original due date came and went, my doctor said she was not at all surprised. She said I was not due yet, and not to worry. Not even two weeks after my due date did my Doc become concerned. She just kept insisting that everything was right on track.

The following week my Doc did have me coming in more often. But she was in no hurry to intervene. I went in on Monday 12/10 and nothing, still only dilated to one. I was so upset, as I had been there for many weeks. So she suggested that I come back on Wednesday for an u/s. She said that they would check my amniotic fluid, and go from there. When I came in on Wend. She said everything looked great. Maybe if nothing happened by Friday, she would induce. So my husband and I took our 2-year-old daughter to buy a Christmas tree. I felt fine with a few �pains� here and there. But they felt just like the ones that I had been having for months. So we went home and went to bed. I was surprised to wake at 7am with very small contractions. My husband wasn't too concerned, being that I had told him �today is the day� for the last month. So I sent him off to work. I did not want to be alone, so my daughter and I got ready, and we headed over to my grandmother's house. I was probably only there an hour when my grandma became very uncomfortable that I was in so much pain. So I called my husband, and told him it was time and he needed to come and get me. I am sure he thought I was faking it, because he had only been at work for a little over an hour. Reluctantly he came, and off to the hospital we went.

When we arrived at the hospital, they checked me and I was dilated to four. We were given a wonderful nurse, who asked if I wanted anything for the pain, I said no. We didn't have a detailed birth plan, but I did want to go natural as long as possible. Now when I think back, the decision to wait seems very foolish. Maybe if I had known what I was in store for I would have taken the drugs then. My labor progressed very rapidly. It had been around 11:45 AM when the nurse had checked me, and by 1:00PM I was in need of an epidural. So the nurse came back in, said she would have to start an IV, and needed to check me once again. After she checked me she said it was to late for an epidural and she could only give me a shot of something. I did not want to fell groggy when my baby arrived, so I said no. Within Minutes I felt the intense desire to push. My poor husband was so good to me, I was in so much pain, and did I not know what I wanted. But he was calm and never took my harsh words to heart. He tried to keep me calm, even though I told him I did not want to have a baby anymore. All I wanted was to go home and not feel anymore pain.

The nurse was having trouble finding my doctor, who was away from her office having lunch.

The nurse did not make me wait, she told me to push if I needed to. She said to only push a little, which is very hard when the baby is ready. She didn't want to give me an episiotomy, and did not want me to tear.

After only a few small pushes her head was out. The Doc finally arrived, just in time to finish the delivery. It took only one more small push and her entire body was out. Because I was so overdue, she had her first bowel movement inside the bag. So right after she was born she was taken to the nursery so they could suction out her lungs.

Grace was born at 1:35 in the afternoon weighing 8lbs 20 � inches long. Her birth was very painful, but she was worth all the pain. She is now four months old, and has been a wonderful addition to our family.