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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 11:45
We learned of our pregnancy early (about 3 weeks) and suffered a miscarriage scare at around 6 weeks.

The pregnancy continued uneventfully until week 30, when my blood pressure started rising. I was hospitalised for "bed rest" 3 times before the final admission and birth.

I was admitted on October 31st at 38 1/2 weeks pregnant again for my high blood pressure. I decided that I wasn't leaving hopsital this time without my baby!

I was scheduled for induction on Friday (3rd Nov), but luckily had a show in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Wednesday presented me with mild contractions and general discomfort. The evening brought what felt like strong contractions and when checked I was told I was 1-1.5cm dilated. I tried to lay down after my husband was sent home (visiting hours were over) but I found it too painful. After pacing the hallways for hours in increasing pain, I called my husband and asked him to come back. It was about 1am and we were moved within the ward to a waiting room so that we didn't disturb the lady in the bed beside me who had just had her own baby.

My husband dozed while I battled through contractions. I was getting really tired as I'd been awake since 4.30 the previous morning, but there was no way I could sleep.

A midwife came in and offered me a birthing ball to use and some blankets and told me that we could be moved to the delivery room in the morning (apparently there were a record amount of babies born that day). The birthing ball offered no relief so I was happy when the delivery room was vacated. The idea of a spa bath was appealing.

At this point my contractions were about 1 minute apart lasting for almost 1 minute, so I thought it wouldn't be long and that it couldn't get much worse.

The obstetrician came in and checked me and told me that I was 4cm dilated, then proceeded to break my waters. The pain of contractions got more intense so I sat in the bath for a while. Unfortunately the pain was not relieved so I got out and stayed upright for the remainder of the labour.

I wanted drugs at about 11.30am but the gas just made me feel really sick. I was checked again (8cm) and was told I could have pethidine if I really wanted it, but the baby could be born a bit "sleepy".

My husband knew I wanted to do it drug free, but he said I should have it if I really needed it. I figured that I'd got this far, so I may as well just tough it out.

The midwife asked did I feel like pushing and I said I wasn't sure. I tried pushing gently, but didn't feel any "urges" so I left it a little longer.

When I finally felt that I needed to push, I couldn't get in a comfortable position. My husband and a student nurse ended up supporting me for almost 1.5 hours while I squatted at the end of the bed.

The baby's head finally crowned, so the midwife told me to keep pushing and its head would be born very soon. Just as soon as I had pushed the head out I was urgently told to stop pushing and just pant. I didn't think I could stop. I had everyone in the room panting with me and it would have looked quite funny had it not been a serious situation.

Jenna had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice, so it was slipped over her head while her body was still inside me.

I was finally allowed to push her fully out, only to have the senior midwife tell the student nurse to hit the emergency button on the wall above the bed. That's when I started to get scared. I was told later that there was an alarm test on at the time and that's why noone came to assist. Finally, after the midwife started yelling for assistance, the room was full of medical staff who were all trying to get my baby to breathe. Thankfully, after she was suctioned and bagged, she started breathing on her own.

I cried because I thought she was going to die, but the paediatrician came in to tell me that she hadn't suffered as a result of the incident, and she was going to spend 24 hours in the special care unit (in oxygen) just to be safe.

Jenna Jessica was born 6 lb 10 oz and 48cm in length at 1.35pm on 2nd Nov, 2000.

I was the last person to see my baby girl, but when I spoke to her through the humidicrib she opened her eyes as if to acknowledge me. Apparently it was the first time she had opened her eyes since she was born!

Now Jenna is 4 1/2 months old and is an alert and attentive baby who brings joy to everyone around her! She is a beautiful little girl who already has her parents wrapped around her little finger!! We love her so much, and the fact that she had a difficult entry into the world makes us appreciate her so much more.