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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 11:43
When my husband and I were married on April 8, 2000 we knew that we wanted to start a family right away. After reading that it takes 80% of couples 6 months are longer to conceive, we decided that we may as well start trying. On April 23 (2 weeks after the wedding) we made our first attempt. For the next few weeks I felt incredible knowing that there was a possibility that I could be pregnant. On May 14 (Mothers Day) we woke up at 4:30 in the morning & couldn't fall asleep. I decieded to take a pregnancy test to prove that I was NOT pregnant; I was already excited with the possibilty that I could be. When I checked the test 10 minutes later there were 2 pink lines! Hmmm, I thought 2 lines meant it was positive?! I read the instructions again. There is no way! I ran into our bedroom & yelled "Your going to be a daddy!" Travis was so confused - I did not tell him I was taking the test. We read the directions again & indeed, we were having a baby. We were thrilled! We had never questioned how long it took the other 20% to get pregnant. Ha! Ha! We waited as long as possible to start calling everyone. We went shopping and had breakfast and then couldn't wait any longer, by 9am everyone knew.

By my 3rd month none of my clothes fit. I was thin before I got pregnant & my midwife said that I should gain 30-40 lbs; I had no idea it would come that quickly or easily.

I had a wonderful pregnancy! No morning sickness, just a little more tired than usual. During my 5th month we went to the beach and although I was very cautious about being out in the heat, I ended up in the emergency room. It was really scary, but the baby was fine. I was just severly dehydrated.

By my 8th month I had been contracting for a while but, one day they were 4 minutes apart - back to the hospital. We chose to try bed rest rather than any type of drug & luckily it worked. Everyone said that I would have the baby before christmas and I agreed. It felt like she was falling out of me! Well, christmas came and went, and there was no baby in sight. I was due on January 13 and by the 11th, there was no indication that she planned on coming any time soon. I was not contracting, no diarrhea or any other tell-tell sign of labor. I was depressed, I knew that I would be the first woman to be pregnant forever. My husband tried to be optimistic by saying it was just "the calm before the storm."

When I woke up pregnant saturday morning, my due date, I immediately started crying. I went to the bathroom & saw that I had lost my mucous plug. Yeah! I drank castor oil to see if that would help and within a few hours it did exactly what it was suppose to. That evening my husband and my parents insisted that I go out to dinner to get my mind off of being pregnant, so I did. At the restaurant I started having frequent contractions but thought nothing of it. We got home around 8pm & I was feeling kind of funny. At 9:45pm I had a bloody mucous which concerned me so I called my midwife. She suggested that I go to the hospital, but I decided to wait an hour to see if anything would happen. By 10:30 I was uncomfortable; I couldn't go to sleep, but I wasn't in nearly enough pain to go to the hospital. I decided to take a warm bath, but I was to jittery to keep still. By midnight I didn't care about waiting until I was 5cm to go to the hospital, I was more concerned about how I was going to sit in the car for the 15 minute drive. We got to the hospital at 12:15am and I was a FINGERTIP dilated, 85% effaced and at -1 station, just as I had been for the past 4 weeks. I was so upset. I knew that the pain was not in my head. At 2am I got in the tub to help relax me. What a huge relief!!! I didn't want to get out, but after an hour I had to in order to check the baby on a monitor. As I got into bed my water broke, then the fun really started. We went through the Bradley Course & I was determined not to have an epidural. I found that relaxation and being in the water were the most crucial parts of getting me through my drug free labor. I found it very easy to tune everything out and focus on each contraction. I would repeatedly tell myself that my body was opening up to let my sweet baby out. Time actually went very fast, it all seems like a blur now. At 7:22am I was told that I was ready to start pushing - I never realized that I was bearing down during my contractions. Pushing was hell! I was so scared. People said that it was like having a bowl movement...I have never had a bowel movement like that before!!! My midwife was awesome. She talked me through the entire thing and kept me calm. As scared as I was & as bad as it hurt, I hardly screamed. At 8:37am my beautiful baby girl, Adrienne Corinne, was born. She was 8.4 lbs, 19 inches, with a head full of thick, black hair. As soon as she came out the pain was over & I was laughing. It was truly the happiest moment in my life. My husband was priceless, I have never seen him so happy.

One thing that I was not prepared for was after the delivery. I tore inside. I had 10 stitches, but none on the outside. It was terrible! I was in pain for 9 days after she was born. I took Tylenol with codine every 4 hours & if I was a minute late even my teeth would start to hurt.

Adrienne is now 9 weeks old. She is the joy of our lives! She breast feeds like a champ, sleeps through the night, smiles, laughs and has rolled over 3 times. We have only had 1 "bad" night. She is such a wonderful little person.

My advice for any expecting, first time mom is to not listen to what everyone says. All of the things everyone said I would go through before, during, and after the baby never happend (except I did gain 40 lbs) I never had morning sickness, I had a short, easy labor and it was my first baby, I have not been depressed since she has been born, and so far I am not exhausted. I love being a mother!

Being in a tub of warm water helps tremendously. If you are trying to go natural, good luck, its really not that bad. But if you need an epidural - go for it! You will be no less of a woman & you will still end up with a beautiful baby in the end!