Our Angel Michaela Lynn By Kathy Gilbert Print
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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:45
In July of 1999, i met a guy who i thought i was really in love with. We dated for almost 3 months before i found out what kind of person he really was. I did not know anything about him when i met him. Things started to get really bad. He got arrested and i could not take it anymore so i left him. At this point i did not know that i was even pregnant. I moved in with my mother in September of 1999. I still did not know that i was even pregnant. Here i was single, 22 years old and i had no clue where my life was heading. Until i met Robert in October of 1999.

October 20th, 1999, my whole life changed for the better. I met Robert through a friend of mine. When i met him i knew from the start that i wanted him. On October 22nd,1999., me and Robert got together. We were so in love and so happy to be with each other. November 29th,1999. our lives really changed and we were both really scared. That was the day that i found out that i was 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant. i was scared. i did not know what was going to happen to me or robert or my baby. I was really afraid i was going to be alone rasing this child. But i was wrong, Robert and i stayed together and we could not be happier. We were married February 25,2000. I have never been this happy before in my life.We have now been married for 9 months and they have been the best nine months in my life. The whole year we have been together has also been great. i love him so much. Michaela was born April 12,2000 at 8:10 am. And our lives have been filled with so much love and happiness. Michaela is now a 7 month old baby girl, who is happy, she smiles and laughs and fills our lives with love. She makes me so proud to be her mother. And Robert is proud to be her daddy. She smiles at him everyday she is here and lets us know that she is happy. I love my family and now my life is complete and finshed. i have my loving husband and now i have my beautful daughter. i love them both. Thank you for letting me share my story with you. It starts off being a life full of emptiness, to a life that has everything you could possibly ask for.