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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:42
When I became pregnant with my first child I was only 16 years old. I was a sophmore in high school. The pregnancy itself was pretty uneventful besides all of the stress and anguish I gave myself trying to figure out how I was going to be a mother and be able to provide for a child and go to school and live a normal life for that matter. So basically I spent the entire pregnancy stressed out and crying. I truly don't recall having any complications from my pregnancy. I had morning sickness for a few weeks. But at the time everyone in my house was sick with the flu and throwing up too so that wasn't really a big deal to me.

I had trouble sleeping in the last trimester. I am usually a stomach sleeper, but that didn't bother me too much because I could get comfortable on my side as well. That is until the last trimester when my little bundle of joy would start to kick and punch every time I would lay on my side. So I was forced to try to sleep on my back propped up on some pillows. This was very awkward for me and have really bad sinus problem so my nose would close up in this position and I would have to lay there trying to breathe through my mouth all night and have this thick nasty coat of who knows what on my tongue in the morning. It wasn't very pleasant. Other than that the only other thing that caused me any discomfort during that pregnancy was when he would occasionally kick or punch to hard or in the wrong spot. OUCH!!

Even his birth was pretty mild. My due date was Friday October 18, 1991. I went to my scheduled doctor's appointment on that Friday and I checked out fine. The doctor said that I was already 2cm dilated. But he also stated that since I wasn't showing any signs of labor and the fact that this was my first child he didn't expect that I would be having the baby any time soon. He finished his examination and scheduled another appointment for the following Friday. He stated that when I came next Friday we would talk about how far he would let me go before he induced. Of course I pretty disappointed. Because I had really gotten excited as my date approached thinking that it was time to meet my baby. But to hear him say what he said just disappointed me. I caught the bus home and went to sleep. The next day was pretty uneventful. Just business as usual. Sunday morning I woke up early to go potty and couldn't go back to sleep. The morning was pretty uneventful. The around 11:30 I started feelings these mild cramp like feelings. This went on for about an hour or so and I told my mom and asked her what that meant. After a short while she couldn't stand it any more and she started to freak out. We didn't have a car at the time and the hospital was about 30 minutes away in the next town. So she wasn't taking any chances. Even though my little cramps were getting worse they were still like cramps and not painful at all. She called a ambulance any way. About 20 min later I was strapped down in the ambulance and on my way to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital around 1:00, they set up a labor room for me and hooked me up to all of the usual gadgets. After about 30 minutes of observation and an internal exam at which point I was still only 2cm, I was told that I needed to walk around for awhile. I stayed in the hospital for a couple of hours. After walking around I had dilated to 3cm but the nurses stated that I was not in labor. She said that I wouldn't go into labor for at least another few days and would probably not have the baby until a day or two after that! So she sent me home, gave me a lecture about using the ambulance when it wasn't an emergency and told me that she would see me again at the end of the week when I was in really in labor. She instructed me not to come back until me contractions were at least 5 min apart. It was about 3:00 So my mom and I embarked on an hour journey back home via bus. We had to walk to the bus stops, change buses three times, and the walk from the last bus stop to home was about a quarter of a mile. We got home at about 4:00. Needless to say, of course my cramps turned into contractions on the way home and just kept getting worse and worse in a very short period of time. On the last leg of the journey home I would have to stop and breathe and hold on to my mother because I couldn't walk through a contraction anymore. By the time we got home all I wanted to do was go lay down somewhere. Well it didn't tale long for me to see that this was not going to work. It only felt worse when I laid down. After a while I started timing the contractions. But they were kind of irregular. They started off at about 10 min apart then would go down to about six min and back up to ten. After awhile I felt like I had to have a bowel movement so I went to sit on the toilet. Of course my mom would freak out and ask me to go back to the bed. I don't know how long this went on but it seemed like forever until finally I just locked the bathroom door. And sat on the toilet and held onto the towel rack on the shower door for each contraction. When the contractions were finally at five minutes apart. We left for the hospital. This time was dad had come to take me. he lived about an hour away and we talked to him after I got back form the hospital and drove down just in case this was it. So after being home for what seemed like forever in pain it had only been two hours. At a little after 6:00 we left for the hospital. I remember what time we got the but it was around 7 when I looked at the clock again. I was already in excruciating pain when we got there. My dad ran in and got a wheel chair and came back to get me. So just a few hours later I was right back in labor and delivery. Of course the nurse that sent me home wasn't there any more. But there was no doubt this was the real thing. Again I was hooked up to all of the little gadgets and examined, 5cm. The pain just kept getting worse and worse.

The worse part that I remember was when they were about 2-3 minutes apart. Because they just kept coming and I couldn't stop watching the clock. It seemed for every contraction there was about 30-45 seconds to rest in between. I wasn't very quiet either. I was yelling and moaning the whole time during my contractions. And since I was watching the clock and I knew when another was coming I would start screaming before it even started. As I look back that was pretty funny, but it wasn't funny then. After what seemed like forever to me I had another exam and was 9cm, almost there. It didn't take long at all after that. In fact even to me it felt like only minutes. I can't say that I had the urge to push, but my stomach was pushing on it's own. The nurses started yelling at me to stop pushing, but it wasn't me. They checked me again and started panicking, yelling for help, and unhooking all the gadgets. Before I knew it they were wheeling me out of my room and as they were my water broke with a big gush and even splashed onto the nurse at the end of my bed. As we were going down the hall she was yelling "It's crowning" in a panicky voice. Later I realized that they were panicking because my doctor was not there yet. When we arrive in the delivery room the nurse literally stuck here hand in there to hold the baby until at least the resident doctor decided to show up.

Soon after the resident doctor did show up and they started preparing for the birth of my son. They were still yelling at me to stop pushing at this point. It was all so crazy and going so fast. The nurses and my mother kept saying breath, breath and were trying to demonstrate how to breathe through the contraction instead of pushing. But every time I tried to take in a deep breath to start my breathing another push would come. So finally I just got mad and yelled back. Before I knew it the were finally telling me to push to get the head out ( which I still was not doing by myself) and his head came after an epsiotomy. After they announced that I could push because the head was ready to deliver my mother excited popped her head down there to see. The doctor waited and politely asked her if he could deliver the baby now. There was a pause for a minute there because the cord was wrapped around his neck and they had to unwrap it before I delivered the rest of the body. Then with one final push I felt this warm slippery gush and a feeling of amazing relief. Dominique Damone was born at 8:48 p.m. on Sunday October 20th, 7lbs and 19 � inches long. After that it was kind of blurry. I remember watching them do all the things that they do after the baby was born and I heard him cry. Then I don't know how long afterward they finally brought him over to me very briefly. He was wrapped up and had a little hat on his head.

Then they announced they were taking him to the nursery and my mother wanted to be the one to carry him down. She carried him to the nursery and stood there watching through the nursery window as they did all of there little test. Apparently she though that they were being a little to rough with him and she was making a big fuss about it. After a while the nurse got tired of it and closed the blinds on my mom! I thought that was funny, but she didn't. It seemed like I stayed in the delivery room for hours. I have any memory of delivering the placenta. They had to sew me back up. Then this devil nurse kept coming and pressing down on my stomach every 20 or 30 minutes. They even brought me a sandwich and something to drink while I was still in the delivery room. I stayed in there for about three hours before I was taken to another room. I was exhausted but I couldn't go to sleep. After I got settled into my new room I walked down to the nursery to see my son. It took me awhile to find him. There were many babies born that night. And when I did find him he was crying. I watched for at least ten minute and he was crying the whole time. I started getting nervous and finally the nurse went to pick him up and soothe him. I did this for over an hour. I would go lay down for a few minutes then go back to the nursery and look at him. Finally they ask me if I wanted to them to bring him in my room for a while. I said yes and about 15 minutes later they brought him my room. I propped myself up on some pillows and just sat there and held him. Every once in awhile I would talk or say a few words but mostly I just sat and stared at him. He eyes were so bright. He kept looking around at everything and then concentrating on my face. He was so cute. He kept sticking his tongue out and opening and closing his mouth. I kept him there until about 4 in the morning then they came to take him back to the nursery. There was no rooming in at my hospital at that time. Sometime between me arriving in my room and the next morning I went potty for the first time. WOW!! First of all it stung like hell even with the little spray bottle they had given me. And while I was going potty this huge glob of bloody stuff came out and I thought I was dying! I pushed the button for the nurse while I was still sitting there on the toilet then another one came and I started crying. Then one of the nurses came in to see what was going on. When she realized why I was crying she gave me a hug and told me, " It's OK sweetheart that's suppose to happen". I felt so much better. That was the first time during the whole experience that any of the nurses had treated me with any concern or compassion. All the others just kind of gave me this attitude and kept lecturing me about being pregnant at 16. It was a little late for that and it didn't help my state of mind while I trying to have my baby. I appreciate that moment till this day. Other than that everything else at the hospital was uneventful. I was examined the next morning and told if I didn't have any complications I could go home that afternoon. I was discharged at 3:30 on Monday October 21, 1991, and took my precious little baby home! Then the real story began!!