Isaiah's Birth Story By Jennifer Print
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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:22
My due date was set for October 12, 2000. I didn't even get an ultrasound until I was almost 8 months along. That's when I found out that I was having a baby boy. I already had my names picked out before I found out what I was going to have. For a girl I wanted Khileah and for a boy Isaiah, so that's what I named him. I didnt gain much weight in the first few months because I didn't eat a whole lot. Then around 5 months or so I started eating all the time and started gaining weight. I gained a total of 49 pounds. I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions a few weeks before delivery. I didn't know if they were real or not because this was my first child. Then finally on October 3rd I started having real contractions around 1a.m. but I didn't know they were contractions. To me, they felt like my baby was putting too much pressure on my pelvis. I called up a nurse and told her my symptoms and she told me to go into the hospital. Well, I waited til around 5a.m. to tell my husband because he had to work that day. We ended up going to the hospital around 7a.m. and I was only dialated to 2cm. so they made me walk around for 2 hours and come back. When I got back around 9a.m. I was only dialated to 3cm. but I told them I wasn't going to drive back home (I live 40 miles from the hospital) so they kept me. They broke my water and gave me Protocin to speed up my contractions. I planned on having him natural with no drugs but by the time I hit 7cm. I wanted something. My nurse called the anesthesiologist but he couldn't get to me for an hour. Well, within 20 minutes I went from 7cm. to having to push. So, I didn't get to have an epidural or anything at all. I was in so much pain but the breathing helped a whole lot! It didn't take long for me to push him out, but it hurt very bad! I felt everything. I tore a little bit and needed 2 stitches. Isaiah only weighed 6lbs 12.6oz. I videotaped the whole thing for our families because no one was able to be with us. It was a wonderful experience and I forgot all about the pain as soon as I saw my son! I'm breastfeeding too. At first it took a long time for him to latch on plus he would only suckles on one boobie, so i had sore boobies for a couple days. Once we got home he started taking to both of them and now we're pros! It was a wonderful experience even with the amount of pain that came with it! And now we are planning on having another baby next year.