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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:54
My pregnancy and birth story start around my 28th week. It was the week of January 18, 1996 and my dh and I had been "snowbound" for three days (snow in Columbia, MD is a major catastrophe). We have finally been given the ok by state and local authorities to venture out onto the roads; our first stop--the grocery store. After buying every frozen pizza and ding dong in sight we were finally up to bat at the checkout. It was at this point that I started having "uncomfortable cramping". So, we get home and I put my feet up for about 20 minutes--so far so good. I get up to make a salad to go with pizzas and again--the "uncomfortable cramping". I get my dinner and sit in the recliner--20 minutes pass-no pains. I get up to do the dishes and the pains start again. At this point, my dh is concerned and encourages me to call our OB. Dr. Hundley has us come into the hospital to get checked out. She does an exam and our fears our confirmed--I am effacing--but not dilating. So, I am put on bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy (until 36 weeks). My bedrest involved medication and a home monitoring of my contraction three times daily with a home monitoring device (it was pretty cool).

I imagine my confinement could have been worst. The only thing I really hated was the weight gain. By the end I had gained close to seventy pounds. But I had a great support system; my dh and my best friend Cristy who came over everyday and made me lunch, did laundry and spent her whole 1.5 hr lunchtime with me. She never missed a day, kept me sane and my spirits up.

So, at 36 weeks my doctor took me off of bedrest and I was free to roam the malls, have sex and go anywhere I please. The only problem is I was physically not capable of doing so. The muscles in back had really lost their strength and I couldn't walk for more than 5 minutes without being exhausted--repercussions of bedrest. But, I could go out to dinner and get my Mexican and Italian food I was craving!!!! At 37 weeks I had an appointment and I demanded my doctor do something to get this baby out of my body--she agreed and without hesitation stripped my membranes. She then declared I would have this baby by Sunday (it was Friday). Well, not quite Sunday. On the following Thursday morning my water broke. I was in bed, dreading the walk to the Bathroom because I really had to go and I was afraid I couldn't hold it. Knees tightly clenched, I pigeon walked to the bathroom and GUSH!!! My water broke. At first I didn't believe it, then I looked down and saw the clear fluid with bits of tissue and mucus and I knew. I was terrified.

My dh had left about 30 minutes earlier for work(about 8:30am) and he would be stuck in DC traffic (which is a beast). So, I call the Doc's office. The only doctor there is the radiologist. I'm hysterical and she thinks I'm wacko, until she realized this is my first and I am alone. She tells me to come into the office as soon as I can and my Dr, H. will check me out. I page my dh 911--our code for get your ass home pronto!!! Then I call Cristy at work--our plan is she will come get me and Craig will meet me at hospital or DR. office. Well, she's not there yet--late--of all days for her to be late.

By this time I have calmed down and realize that I'm not having contractions yet--so birth is not imminent. Then there a know at the door. I remember thinking, "If it's the Jehovah's Witnesses, I'm gonna gush fluid all over them!!!". But, to my relief it's my brother (the paramedic), thank God. The brainiac looks at me in a dress with a towel between my legs and asks, "Why ya gotta towel btwn your legs?" DDDAAAHHH!!! Then it sinks in and he's flying around the house looking for my bag. Not 30 seconds later--enter Cristy--totally freaking out. She starts flying around the house looking for my bag. She finds it upstairs and starts yelling, "Why the hell is this bag Empty!!!" At this point all I can do is laugh. The two of them running around like chickens with their heads cut off and all I have is this complete sense of peace. Well, brother takes me to the OB, Cristy follows and I get there to find my dh had beat me there. We live 10 minutes from office and he was 40 minutes in traffic from office. the doc tells me to get on the table and I tell her if I do I'll gush again. She said don't worry about it--so I do and gush all over her. After exam, I am 3 cm and 80% effaced--not bad. But still no contractions. We go to the hospital, get settled in with gown, needles, monitors and wait. Noon comes around and still nothing to comment on. Next step is Pitocin. About 30 minutes later I am really feeling the cntrxs. By 2 pm they are unbearable and I can no longer talk through them. I get an epidural--AAHHH!!--sweet relief. I sleep until 4 pm. My doc examines me and I'm at 5 cm/100% effaced. Looking good--I should deliver by midnight. About 30 minutes later I feel some pain and the nurse has the EPI-Angel top me off. 15 minutes later I feel the pain again--the nurse checks me and tell me I fully dilated and I could push. It wasn't pain but pressure I was feeling. 45 minutes later my doc comes in to find me pushing and asks" What are you doing?" DAAAHH!!! (How come medical professional can be so dense??) So, she suits up and joins in the fun. The pushing wasn't so bad. It was really empowering and my husband was wonderful. The nurses were great and really encouraging--One stayed after her shift was over too see our baby born!!!

At 7:22 pm Craig Steven Dickerson, Jr. was born into this world howling like a banshee. I don't remember his apgars--but they had to be high. He was a beautiful healthy 7 lbs. 9oz. and 19.5 inches long (at 17 days early)!!! I can't say enough about the warm and wonderful nurses and doctors at Howard County General Hospital. I thank God everyday for my wonderful little boy and pray that my next baby (due February 2001) is as healthy and happy!!!