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Thursday, 31 March 2011 00:38

With my first pregnancy, I found out that I was pregnant at 4weeks and 1 day gestation. At 7weeks I was told that I was measuring "a little large" but that everything was checking out fine. At 12 weeks, twins were discovered. My husband and I were ecstatic, especially since twins run in our families. At 18 weeks, we found out they were fraternal boys and we were overjoyed to buy two of everything in blues and greens. I was measuring large the entire pregnancy, but whenever I was told this, I just assumed "Duh, I'm carrying twins". At 30 weeks, I went in for a 4D ultrasound and to everyone's surprise, another baby was found! Apparently, the little boy was hiding behind his brothers during every other ultrasound. So fraternal triplet boys it was. We told the midwife, and she said that as long as everything checked out alright (which it did) and that if I really wanted to, that giving birth naturally would be okay. I had planned on giving birth naturally to twins, so why not triplets?

I gave birth naturally at a birthing center to the triplets on February 27th, 2006 (the year of the Celebrity Baby Boom!). Born at 7:15am, 7:22am, and 7:27am, the boys all came out healthy. Baby A was born in the water, and Baby C was double footling breech! It was an amazing birth, that went fairly quickly (only 5 hours of labor), and it was my first pregnancy! I still can't believe how lucky I am. The babies weighed 6lbs 4oz, 5lbs 8oz, and 6lbs 2oz. The hospital was 10 minutes away, "just in case", but everything worked out fine.

Two years later, to our surprise, I got pregnant again. I didn't 'pop' as soon as I did with the triplets, so I didn't think it was multiples. At 20 weeks, we went in to find out if it was a boy or girl and what do you know- fraternal twin boys! One was hiding behind the other, just like in my last pregnancy. We were excited for boys again, since we didn't have to buy many new items.

Once again, I planned a natural birth, but this time at home. I gave birth naturally, during the early morning hours of May 28th, 2008 (Another year of the Celebrity Baby Boom- especially of twins!). Both babies were head first and born in the water, with Baby B being caul (still in half of his amniotic sac). They weighed in at a big and healthy 8lbs 2oz each.

We decided to try one more time to get pregnant after the twins, but I wanted a singleton, just for the experience. We lived in New Zealand at the time, and I wanted to do a different kind of pregnancy and birth. I got pregnant the first try and we hired a doula for my prenatal care. No ultrasounds were done, but again, I was "measuring large" so we sort of knew it was twins again. I decided on a unassisted birth this time around, and we did our research well.

My water broke at 7:16am on July 14th (my exact due date). 2 hours later, at 8:16am, we welcomed a little boy into this world. He was born in the water at our home, and caught by daddy. 2 minutes later, I felt the need to push, and out slipped another baby, another boy, and was once again caught by daddy. Dad cut the cords, and out came the placentas. He held them both in his arms as he measured them, and they both came in at 7lbs even. 15 minutes after Baby B, I felt some pressure and looked down. To my surprise, I saw a whitish bubble coming out, and knew that it was another baby, still in it's amniotic sac. My husband was not too far away from me, but had his back to me, since he was checking the babies. I gave a push, and out came the baby. I "unveiled" the baby from it's sac, and lifted the baby to my chest. My husband suddenly turned around at hearing the baby cry, and had his eyes wide. We couldn't believe it was triplets again! The baby latched on right away, and we were still so shocked at having a second set of triplets, that we forgot to see if Baby C was a boy or a girl! Turns out, she's a girl. I cried immediately at the joy of finally having a girl, after 7 boys. She weighed in at 5lbs 6oz, the tiniest little thing, but the most alert.

Finally, we became a family. A mega family of 10, with 7 boys, and 1 girl; 1 set of twins, and two sets of triplets. It's chaotic, but worth while.

BTW- all of the kids are fraternal, and all were conceived naturally, without the use of fertility drugs. All were born 100% natural (vaginal, no medication, and not in a hospital). I am proof that multiples can be born naturally, full term (39 weeks 4 days, 39 weeks 6days, 40 weeks) and healthy.





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