Corey and Chase: Twin Boys! By Melissa Kidd Print
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Monday, 16 February 2009 08:33
My husband and I had barely arrived home from our honeymoon when we discovered that I was pregnant. We were surprised but excited at the same time. We had planned on having kids early as there is a 15 year difference in our ages. When I went for my first ultra sound, the technician said that there were two heads! At first I was frightened until she explained I was carrying twin boys! I was shocked!

I went through my pregnancy with no problems. I own a dance studio and continued dancing up until my sixth month. At that point I was put on bed rest to prevent preterm labor. The seventh and eighth month became so uncomfortable and it seemed impossible to sleep at night.

I went for a routine check up the day that I was 37 weeks. I begged and begged for them to induce me but the doctor said that I needed to wait until I was closer to 38 weeks. I was bummed. So I was scheduled to be induced in about a week.

About two days later I got up for my usual 3 am trip to the bathroom and when I stood up my water broke.

By the time we made it to the hospitol I was having contractions and I was dialated 1 cm. When I got to about 3 cm I decided that the contraction weren't quite as fun and I began asking for my epidural (I have no tolerance for pain.) Believe it or not I had only really been having contractions for about 3 or 4 hours and was only 3 cm but they gave me the epidural. I just laid there for about 8 more hours and they checked me and I was 10 cm.

I delivered in the O.R just in case they needed to do a C-section. I pushed two times and delivered Corey at 3:30. I waited while the doctor did an ultra sound to see what position Chase was in. He was breech but she wanted me to go ahead and start pushing. I pushed two more times and Chase was born at 3:35.

It was a wonderful experience. I really liked the epidural because I felt NOTHING!!! I was able two enjoy the whole birth process without worrying about pain.