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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:46
It was February of 99 and I had been wanting another baby for a while, but my husband thought that our first son,Cody, should be an only child. I however did not agree, my husband knew that I wanted another baby, preferably a girl, and that I would not give up until I had one, so he inevitably gave in. Around the end of that month I came down with strep throat, which I get every year, so for about two weeks I was pretty sick. It wasnt until the day I went to the doctor and he asked me when my last period was, that I realized my period was about 10 days late, and I'am never late. So my husband and I were at K-mart getting my prescription filled, and it was going to be about a 30 minute wait, so I went ahead and bought one of those home tests, and since we were there with nothing better to do, I went right into the K-mart bathroom and took the test, and sure enough it was positive! I was overjoyed, my husband tried his best to look happy, even though I think he was more scared than anything!

I decided that I would wait until I was about 3 months pregnant to go to the O.B., you know since I had done this pregnancy thing before I thought I had it all under control, except for the morning sickness (which I never had before), or the extreme tiredness (which I also never had before), I had it completely under control, or so I thought! Okay heres where it gets wierd, at about 3 months pregnant I have an appointment to see the O.B., so I leave my three year old with my best friend, who is at that time about 6 months preganant with twins, and off to the doctor I go. First visit, they determine, yes I'am pregnant, and yes I have a bladder infection. They set me up an appointment for an ultrasound for the next day, as I leave the doctors office the receptionist hands me my pregnancy comfirmation for my insurance, on the paper it asks "is there multiple fetuses?", she accidently checks yes, it had to be an accident because there is no way she could have known, I blew it off and went home. The next day I arrive for my ultrasound, which my husband did not attend because I told him not too, I said it would be the same thing he saw before with Cody. SO I'm on the table and she's looking and her student says to me I know I havent seen alot of those but I'm pretty sure theres two in there, and the doctor says I think your right. So after the panick attack, and the realization that I should have know this was a possibility, after all there are 2 sets of twins in my husbands family. When I got home and told my husband he suddenly became very interested in my pregnancy and he also said he needed to get a second job, which I knew he would say.

My pregnancy was a breeze, other than the fact that I became really large really, really fast. In most respects it was much easier than my first pregnancy, I didn't have the extremely bad heartburn or back pain, it all seemed a little too good to be true. Then I get a phone call from the doctor saying that one of my blood tests came back abnormal they think one of my babies may or may not have Down Syndrome, and we have to go to this special place and talk to a genetics doctor and have this special ultrasound done, and ultimatly decide if I want to have an Amnio done. So we went, we talked to the doctor, we had to special ultrasound done, and we found out that one of them was a boy, she couldnt tell on the other one, she thought it was a girl, but she said she wasnt promising anything. In the end I had the double Amnio (painful),the other baby was a girl, and they were both perfectly healthy!

My pregnancy again was going smoothly for a while and I felt confident that I could carry the babies to term, or at least as close as I could get to it, I felt very good. I knew that they were both in a breech postion and there was the possibility of a c-section hanging in the air, but I had faith that they would both turn head down and everything would be smooth sailing......yeah right!! Heres where it all starts to go down hill, I guess I was about 34 weeks, I went to the doctor for a routine ultrasound, I was supposed to start having them once a week for the duration of my pregnancy, they of course were still breech and the doc. said they were too big at this point to turn around, so I would definatly have to have a c-section, so my plans of a natural birth went right down the drain there. Then he tells me that there is a seriouse difference in the weight of the babies, that one was about 2 pounds bigger than the other and that is indicating a serious problem. So they start talking to specialist and sending me here and there, and the whole time I'am starting to fall apart, I thought that there was something really wrong with my baby girl, and that she might not make it! They tell me to go straight to the hospital to start having stress tests done and they would meet me there, so I drive to my husbands work where I totally have a nervouse breakdown, after he brings me back to reality, off to the hospital I go. I'm hooked up to monitors and all sorts of machines and I get to lay there for about 5 hours, which is a good thing, because If I would have went home in the state of mind I was in I would have went insane!

8:00 a.m., in the lobby of the ultrasound specialist, I'am there so they can accurately measure the babies and see if they need to go ahead and take the babies early, so I'am a nervous wreck, probably the reason I started having mild contractions. I didn't think much of them, I had some contractions the weekend before, but they turned out to be nothing. I told the doctor who was doing the ultrasound that I was contracting, and she just laughed and made a joke. It was decided that the babies would be left were they were, and I would have to come and have them measured every week until 38 weeks, but the babies had other ideas! I was very realieved at the news, so I drove my husband to work and dropped him off and I had some errands to run. I was still having the contractions, but I was ignoring them. I had to go to the bank, the store, and by the time I could not ignore them anymore I decided, in my brilliant frame of mind, that if I eat something the contractions would stop, the babies were just hungry. So outside Taco Bell, where I'am stuffing myself with some sort of taco, the contractions are getting worse, I realized the food was not working. So I drove to my best friends house, where my son is, and I honestly do not know how I made it there, because I could barley make it to her door! I sat down on her couch and thought if I layed down they would stop (obviously I'm in denial here), my friend demanded that I call the doctor, so I did and they told me to come in right away. My friend drove me there at about 150 mph, by this time the contractions were making me cry and I could no longer talk through them, they rushed me back and checked me and I was at about 5 cent. dialated and they said I was to far to stop it. So I was rushed to the hospital, where I was thrown on a table, stripped, shaved and stabbed with an I.V. My friend rushed off to go fetch my husband so he didnt miss anything, he showed up right about the time I was being given my Spinal, I bet he wished he would have missed that!

Baby A, Matthew, was delivered first, and he came out screaming weighing in at 4lbs 7oz, Baby B, Morgan, did not come out as easy, she was stuck in my rib cage and it took 3 doctors to get her out, thus the reason she stopped growing, she also came out screaming weighing in at 3lbs 3oz. They were little, but they were alive and thats all that mattered and I told the doc. to go ahead and fix me, because I never wanted to be pregnant again, and he did just that.

The twins didnt have much complications and only had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks, it was the hardest 2 weeks of my life and I always look back on that time I spent in the hospital with tears in my eyes, because of my babies and the pain that comes along with the c-section. It all seems like a distant memory now, my babies are 15 mths old now and are Very Very active toddlers, all I worry about now is just how long the Christmas tree will hold up with them on the attack!