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Monday, 09 February 2009 10:09
Well my story began with a routine ultrasound. I went to my ultrasound and my doctor felt that my fluid was a little low. So she said that I should be induced. I got my room and had my coaches come to the hospital. I was given my IV and started pitcin. And then I waited, and waited. Pitocin is supposed to start labor, but not for me. I slept, played cards, and watched tv.

After 47 hours I was still 3cm and not having any painful contractions. My doctor then informed me that the hospitals policy is that after 48 hours of pitocin and no change that the have to do a c-section.

She left and I was talking with my coaches over a game of crazy eights. Then I felt a huge drop, like my stomach dropped into my legs and had the biggest urge to pee. John got a bed pan and lifted up my blanket so I could put the pan under me and his face dropped. He said "you dont have to pee" and ran out of the room.

A second later, he came in with a nurse and she looked and she looked paniced and screamed at me not to push, baby A's head was crowning. It had only been about 5 minutes since I was checked and only 3 cm so everyone was paniced about the head crowning except me, I want to push.

They rushed me to the OR telling me not to push the whole time. They grabbed the doctor in the hall and we went in the OR. I got on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. My coach still wasn't there, I found out later, he was putting scrubs on.

The doctor said push and I did. Baby A, Darian, was 4 pushes and then baby B, Tyler, was only one push. Darian was 19in and 6lbs2oz and Tyler was 17 3/4in and 5lbs4oz at 36w2d.

I had a weird condition were I had 1 placenta and 2 sacs (babys were in their own sacs) so at birth they couldn't tell me whether they were identical or fraternal. After DNA testing, we did find they were identical boys.

Darian & Tyler 9/5/97
Kara & Jacob 1/28/99