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Monday, 09 February 2009 09:01
I found out I was prednant in May '99 and discovered that I was going to have twins in July when I had our first sonogram.

We started having to have sonograms every 4 weeks and everything was moving along just fine until September 23, my sonogram appointment (the first of which I went alone) everything was fine according to the doctor. He thought he saw a small blood clot but said everything looked fine and it shouldn't cause any problems. Well, I left my appointment and was going home when my water broke about one third of the way home.

I stopped at a gas station to go to the restroom because at this time I had not realized my water had broken. So I got out and went into the restroom to find my water had broken. I was not prepared for this event at this particular time so I was very upset and worried. I called my doctor's office and explained the situation I found myself in. The doctor's office told me to come right back to the hospital, but I was too upset to drive or even really think straight so I called an ambulance to come and take me back to the hospital.

Once I got there my doctor came to see me and told me we were going to try to stay pregnant as long as possible and started getting shots every three hours to keep from having contractions and I was also given the first of two shots of betamethasone (a steroid) to help the babies develop better since I was only 26 weeks along. I got the second shot (steroid) the next day.

On Septmber 26,1999,I gave birth by c-section to twin boys (Caleb and Kenneth) who weighed 1lb even and 1lb 11oz respectively and the roller coaster began. Kenneth got to come home on January 7,2000 after 3 1/2 months in the hospital and Caleb was released from the hospital on January 22, 2000 after almost 4 months in the hospital.

Caleb had several problems including having to resusitated twice his first night in the world and has had several other things to overcome but he has been growing very well since he came home. Caleb now weighs over 9lbs and Kenneth is weight is around 12lbs.They are both truly miracle babies to me and my husband (who is very proud of them). It has been 7 months since the roller coaster began but we are all doing well now.