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Thursday, 05 February 2009 09:39
I found out I was pregnant with twins in November of 1994. My projected due date was May 4, 1995. By January I was put on bed rest because of pre-eclampsia. I was allowed to get up to make myself something to eat, to shower, or to use the bathroom. In March I was put on complete bedrest. In the beginning of April I was admitted to the hospital for high levels of protein in my urine. I was basically there for observation. I was sent home and the next week admitted again for the same reason. I was admitted a third time (for the same reason) on April 19. They decided on April 21 they would induce me. By this time my blood pressure was high too. Nothing happened with the induction, from 7am until 4pm I didn't feel a thing. They checked my blood pressure and said it had gone down and that I could wait until the next morning (my birthday- people thought it was crazy, I was receiving bouquets of balloons that said It's a boy, It's a girl, and Happy Birthday!!!!!) to be induced again. They also said that my cervix was very unfavorable and that the induction might not work again. It was 4 pm and I had not eaten or drank anything since the previous night. I knew that meant I would not be allowed to eat or drink again that night or the next day, so I opted for a c-section. Kathryn Grace (Katy)was born at 5:12pm (5 lbs. 15 oz) and Alexander Glenn (Alex)came two minutes later (6 lbs. 6.5 oz). As the Dr. held them up to show them to me he also showed me part of the cord. I couldn't see it very well ( or maybe I was looking at my beautiful babies), but Alex had a big natural knot in his cord. The Dr. said that "it was water under the bridge", but that most babies born with a knot like that are dead babies. He said that if they had been born natural Alex would have definitely been in trouble. Thank God I decided on the C-section. They are now lovable, rotten 4 year olds.

In April of 1997 we found out we were expecting again. I was terrified it would be twins again ( twins were great the first time but we just wanted one more). By 8 wks. I couldn't button my pants, so I begged my OB/GYN to do an ultrasound. Just one baby!!!! My due date was January 3, 1998. We didn't find out the sex because I only had 1 ultrasound and they couldn't tell (unlike the twins I had one about every two weeks). I seemed to be much more tired and uncomfortable with this pregnancy (it could have possibly been the two two year olds I was chasing around). Christmas day 1997 I started bleeding. I was excited, I didn't care that it was Christmas, I just wanted it over with. I guess it was a false alarm, because pretty soon the January 3, 1998 due date came and went. I was begging my Dr. to induce me (mistake - the contractions are worse). I kept telling myself no epidural or drugs, it's not good for the baby. They induced me at 9pm on January 13, 1998 and by 2 pm the next day the contractions were coming every 15 seconds. (In the middle of all this our furnace's pilot light at home had gone out. My mom called my husband because she didn't know how to light it. He had to go home and light it, the house was 55 degrees. The twins were popsicles!!!) I begged for an epidural. It took the anesthesiologist 6 trys to get it in, thank God he did. At that time I was only 3 cm. dilated. A few hours later I was ready to push. They say an epidural slows down labor. I think in my case it relaxed me and helpled to progress. Annalivia Plurabelle (Livy) was born at 6:52 pm and weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz.. I was told later that my Doctor should have never let me go past my due date because I was trying a VBAC, I am glad nothing went wrong. I was also glad I was able to have a VBAC and was told the recovery would be easy compared to a c-section. I had scheduled a tubal for the next day. Nobody told me about the air they blow into you and how painful it was afterward. I honestly thought I was dying. Childbirth was nothing compared to recovering from the tubal.