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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 10:34
Well, as you all know, I have had triplets. I am currently living with 6 children and I think that's all I'm going to have. I decided to post the birth of my triplets because it's so special to me and that you don't see alot of these stories everyday. Here it is:

I found out I was pregnant with triplets a year after my husband and I were married. I was totally shocked and happy at the same time. We only found out one of the sexes because we wanted to keep the rest a surprise. We found out that we were having a girl as one of them. We were picking out names and decided on a few.

As we all know it, the time comes around very shortly, and by the time I knew it, I was ready to be induced and have a c-section! I was nervous about having a c-section because I thought it would hurt alot. But I didn't really care as long as I had my babies out and healthy. I was totally put to sleep when they were performing the c-section. My husband was awake (obviously) and filled me in on all the details after. When I awoke, I was really groggy and felt very sore. All I wanted was to see my babies. My husband was sitting beside me, holding my hand and told me that 2 of them were pretty good, but the other one wasn't doing too well. I found out I had 2 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls and the boy were fine, but the other girl had terrible breathing problems and had severe heart problems.

I was terribly saddened by this news and wanted to visit her and hold her and tell her that it was going to be alright. I got to visit and hold her a couple of hours after I held the others. We decided to name the boy Jordan Taylor. He weighed 4 pounds and 6 ounces. His APGAR scales were 7 and 8. He was doing just fine, although in an incubator just in case. I held my baby girl who we decided to name Melissa Katlyn. She was fine as well and weighed 5 pounds and 1 ounce. Her APGAR scales were 8 and 9. Then, we went to visit Danielle Lynn. She had weighed only 2 pounds and 7 ounces. She was the smallest thing I have ever seen and I just wanted to take her home and tell her that everything was going to be alright. However, I wasn't allowed to hold her yet.

After 4 LONG weeks, I got to take Danielle home. Jordan and Melissa were already home and settled. Danielle had to have heart surgery but she recovered just fine.

To this day, Danielle is my sunshine. Yes, she has a terrible time trying to run because of her heart and her intense case of asthma. She is allergic to many things. Danielle seems very unhealthy but she is my life. To this day, the triplets are 10 years old. Danielle and Melissa look identical and Jordan just looks like their brother. I have had 3 other children after the triplets and they are just as wonderful. Sarah Marie is 6 years old, Megan Anne is 4 years old and finally Nicole Alexandra is almost 1.

Good luck to all you mothers out there, especially with multiples. It's very hard but you pull through eventually and it just gets easier.