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Tuesday, 02 December 2008 09:07
It was Christmas Eve morning and I took a home pregnancy test because we had been trying for our second child for a couple of months! My period wasn't due until about the 27th but I planned on drinking that night and the next, but didn't want to do so if perhaps I was pregnant this month! NEGATIVE?? So I started to drink that evening with all our company, but just didn't feel right doing so, so I stopped.

Well the 27th came and went, as well as the new year, still no period! I took another home pregnancy test and to my surprise it was positive!! I was so excited! Finally we were pregnant, except we couldn't tell anyone because we were just starting the process of purchasing our first home, and we figured that our families wouldn't have been so supportive? Which we were wrong when we finally told them about the end of February! They weren't jumping for joy or anything, because they knew as well as we did that money was tight and going to be for a while until we were settled into our new home!

I went to the doctor's at 5 weeks and he confirmed that we were indeed pregnant and outlined the schedule briefly!! Second check up was at 9 weeks and all went well! Third check up was at 14 weeks and he was finally going to do an exam, or so I thought? He was only going to listen to the heartbeat, when I had mentioned if he was going to measure me to please not reef on my pelvis (as that is what the last doctor did). He said that he wasn't going to measure me, but decided that maybe he had better? Well I measured 17 cm, not to be too alarmed for the fact that he could only find one heartbeat and this was after all a second pregnancy for me, therefore my uterus was already stretched! I kind of excepted that, but something was whispering in the back of my head, TWINS? Not to mention that a couple of people at work had weird feelings that we were having twins, but of course I told them where they could go..lol!!

I went home and informed my now husband (we were married six months previous) of what had gone on at the doctor's that day. He wasn't too alarmed, but I phoned my grandma and mom to find out if twins ran in our family? NOPE! Phew, that was good to know!! As for my husbands side, (now this may get confusing) his grandma's sister's daughter's son had twins (boy/girl) three years previous, but that was it for his side of the family!

Back to the doctor's at 19 weeks, this time my husband went with me! He asked the doctor if there was still a chance that we might be having twins? The doctor looked at my chart, very little weight gain, measured my uterus and said that it was right on target, and listened for the heartbeat and could only find one! NOPE not twins! But sent us for a routine 20 week ultra sound! By this time as well I had noticed that my uterus was very strangely shaped, in the way that some days I could feel it above my belly button and other days it was below and wide??

Week 20, we show up for the ultrasound and I go into the exam room while my husband waited in the waiting room!! The technician asked what I was there for and I told her just the routine 20 week check up! I did mention that 6 weeks prior my uterus had measured 17 cm but that when we were at the doctor's office last week, he said that all was fine! So she started the exam and we were chit-chatting and about five minutes into the exam I said, 'Since you haven't said that there aren't two, then there is only one?' She said, 'Well, as a matter of fact, there are two!' My heart began to beat faster, now what were we going to do?? She finished the exam and then showed me all the different shots of the babies then went to get my husband!

My husband came back with the tech and she did the same thing with him, except she started with one baby (not saying that there were two) and showed the head and the heart beating and the arms and legs and then here is the other baby!!! I thought my husband was going to faint right then and there...lol!! He didn't believe her until she showed him the picture of their heads, they were both head down so you could see both little circles!! We wanted to know since we were having twins what the sexes were, and she could only see that we had one boy and could tell the other at that particular time, but from what she did see she thought that it was a girl, but not to quote her on it..lol!! I told her not to worry, if she was wrong, I wouldn't hunt her down...lol!! Although we did want at least one girl, because we already have an older child Quintin!

When the exam was over my husband couldn't wait to phone his mother, so he phoned right from the desk and she wouldn't believe him, in fact she actually called him a liar and hung up the phone on him...lol!! She then later called me at work to find out if he was really lying or telling the truth! I confirmed it and later that week we showed her the photos too!! I then phoned my best friend and told her to which I think that she was more freaked out about the whole thing than I was..lol! In fact, she started to make a mental list of all the extra stuff we had to get and the short time that we had to get it in (being as twins are normally early). I then proceeded to phone my mother and inform her that she was to make good on her bet! The bet was that since she lived in Colorado, if I was having twins that she would pack up and move up to Calgary to help out! Of course she didn't believe me either, until later!!

At week 21 I was sent back to my family doctor and he informed me that he would be sending me to an OB/GYN seeing as family practitioner's were not allowed to deliver more than one baby? So off to the OB I started to go! Week 25 was my first check up with him, nothing major just informing me once again what the plan was from there!

Week 29 came another check up and all was fine, my weight was surprisingly all baby (the whole time I was pregnant I only gained 25 pounds!!). The next week (Week 30) I phone the doctor in a panic because I knew from the first ultrasound which position my babies were on and now I wasn't feeling any movement on one side?? He scheduled me for another ultrasound (Week 31) and to our surprise the reason I was feeling no movement on that side was because the feet were on the other side pretty much kicking the other in the head?? And the rivalry begins...lol!! We also asked at that ultrasound what the sex of the babies were, and this time we were told a girl and couldn't tell the other one because of legs being crossed. But now we finally knew that we were having a boy and a girl because the one with the legs crossed was confirmed first off as being the boy!!

Week 31 I started having weekly stress tests for the babies to make sure all was going well! The morning of my first stress test I was having lots of pain in my back and pelvic area so my husband and I went early thinking that I might be in labor? When we arrived, I informed the nurses that I was suppose to have a stress test later that day, but I think that I was in labor? Being as big as I was, they said good! Until I informed them that it wasn't good because I was barely 31 weeks with twins. NOT good! So they hooked me up to the monitors and all was fine, I wasn't having steady contractions, and very mild at that. They also did an internal and I was not dilated! I saw the doctor that afternoon and he informed me that what I was experiencing was 'growing' pains, my body was starting to stretch beyond capacity?!?

At the start of week 32 I finished work and was feeling fine, except that my doctor wanted me to start some mild bed rest.....right with a two year old running around the house...lol!! That evening I was having major back pain and thought that it was just growing pains again, went to lie down with some ice on my back. I slept a little and then finally at about 11 p.m. I couldn't take it any longer, I told my husband to find some one to come and stay with Quintin because I was in labor?

We left for the hospital and were hooked up to the monitors again and this time found out that I was in labor, or having definite contractions. They resident doctor did an internal and found that I was 1 cm almost 2 cm. The on-call OB came in and informed us what the plan was from there, which was to give me four steroid shots in 48 hours (to mature their lungs) as well as a drug they use to stop the contractions. After which they would stop and if I happened to go back into labor, then I was going to deliver them.

The next morning I was taken down to have yet another ultra sound to see just how big these babies were, should I go back into labor after 48 hours. They were both about 4 1/2 pounds each! Pretty good for being only 32 weeks!! Now the doctors weren't too concerned should they be born early! Well the 48 hours was up and I didn't go back into labor, thank God!!

The pregnancy continued and Week 36 I had another ultrasound to check for size. End of Week 37 (Thursday) the doctor informed me that if I hadn't had the babies by the following Tuesday, I was to phone the hospital to find out what time they wanted me to come in for induction. We asked if it was mandatory that I be induced and he said no, except for the fact that Baby A was starting to take over the nutrients. Apparently at the last ultra sound, it indicated that Baby A was about a pound larger that Baby B, therefore growing at the others expense?

My mom and grandma came in from out of town Saturday and went shopping, mainly for them, but of course I was dragged along in hopes of starting labor! No luck? Tuesday, my husband phone the hospital at 6:30 a.m. and they told us they would phone us when they were ready, but to expect it to be later in the day. At 9 a.m. they phone and said that they were ready! We finished breakfast and headed down! When we arrived they took us to our room and checked us in! My husband took some video and still photos, the nurse came and started an IV (mandatory when having more than one baby, that way should anything go wrong and they have to do an emergency C-section, it is already started).

The doctor on call came in and broke my water at 11 a.m. and the nurse told us to start walking around to hopefully start the labor. By the way I was already dilated 3 cm from being in early labor weeks previous. We were to walk around for 30 minutes and come back to the room so she could check the heartbeats to make sure no distress was happening.

So we walked for 30 mins, came back, all was fine, started to walk again. Another 30 minutes, came back, all was fine. Started to walk again, some medium pain began, kept walking....near the end of the 30 minutes pain was strong, came back, all was fine except that I told her that I had to push? She said not to until she checked me, I mean it had only been 90 minutes since they broke my water. Yup I was ready, they took my husband away to get scrubbed and cleared out the O.R. I was in the O.R. automatically for the just in case something went wrong.

I get on the table and they put up the lovely leg rests and told not to push until the doctor arrives. Well that was 20 - 30 minutes later, I think that he should have tried hold back contractions for 20 - 30 minutes...lol!! My husband was by my side and helping me to breathe, meanwhile I am looking at all the people standing around. There were two of everyone..lol!! Two warming beds, two pediatricians and two nurses/assistants, the specialist, my two nurses, and finally my doctor!

Okay, I can push now! Well a couple of contractions and Keenan Daniel was born at 1:26 p.m. He was checked over and cleaned up. They took him to the special care nursery just to check his oxygen levels, I guess that he was kind of blue from the cord being wrapped around his neck on the way out. But his was back in five minutes and all was fine! Meanwhile I could tell that the doctor was doing something down there, especially since I could feel him break the other water sac. The next thing I know he is telling me that all I have to do now is push her head out! She was breech so he more or less pulled her out except for her head, which was a breeze to push out seeing as her brother had already made the way...lol!! That was it Courtney Diane was born at 1:34 p.m.

Keenan scored 8 & 9 on his APGAR's and Courtney scored 9 & 10 on hers! Keenan was 7 lbs and 20 inches long. Courtney was 5 lbs 15 1/2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long! Both were very healthy and happy babies!! I breastfed them exclusively until 3 1/2 months and am still breastfeeding them about 4 times a day! I am part of the local POMBA (Calgary Parents Of Multiple Birth Association), which has been a great support in bringing up the twins! It is good to know that there are other parents out there that are going through or went through what I was!!

They are now 13 months old and very active! They love finally being mobile and able to catch up to their older brother Quintin (3 1/2 years old)!

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