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Monday, 01 December 2008 08:24
At 37 years old, and 8 weeks pregnant, I learned that I was pregnant with twins! I was devastated. I am overweight, and the primary breadwinner in our family and a labor and delivery nurse to boot. I was already the mother of a 5 year old and a 2 year old at the time and knew what the bad outcomes could be with a middle-aged woman, or a woman who is considered Advanced Maternal Age, ( I always hated that phrase).

At 15 weeks, I started bleeding. At that time, I was told to put my feet up and hope that I didn't miscarry over the weekend. Everyday, I prayed that I could hold on to just 20 weeks, so that if my labor did start, then at least there would be a chance to stop it. I was on complete bedrest except for doctor's visits once a week But even though I had a moderate amount of cramping, I continued without cervical change, although I continued to bleed for about 6 weeks.

At 33 weeks, I went in for my weekly visit and saw the nurse practitioner on for that day. I didn't normally see her for she didn't take care of high-risk patients, but both of the doctors were at deliveries and she saw me so that I wouldn't have to wait. Upon a cervical exam, she said that I had dilated "just a little" from the last week, and decided to monitor me for contractions. Well, I was contracting every 2 minutes!! This was so different from my other 2 labors. Labor without pains. When my regular OB came in, he said that he wasn't concerned, that there wasn't that much change and since I had been cramping for so long, that he was going to give me some terbutaline for the contractions, send me over to the hospital for IV fluids and I would be home by that afternoon.

By the time I reached the hospital, (I had driven up there alone!), I was checked again and had dilated to 2cm. At that point, I was started on magnesium sulfate to try to stop the labor and IV fluids and complete bedrest. Imagine the surprise when I called my husband!! The medicine was to no avail. At 7:30 pm, I was rechecked and had dilated to 5 cm. The doctor decided to increase the dose of magnesium, but as the nurse walked out the door, my water broke. Never have I been so scared. No labor pains, and my little babies were on their way.

At 12:00 on January 13, exactly 7 weeks before my due date, I was taken to the delivery room. Still no pains but anxiety was tremendous. My doctor had gone off call and I had the on call doc there. He told me that the first baby was still at a -2 station, but he wanted me to push to see if I could move him down. With the one push, my son was born!! If only #2 had been so easy. Joshua was still in his sac and the doctor had to go in and leak the sac, and guide him down the birth canal. That was the longest 8 minutes of my life. I elected not to have any anesthesia because I had had no pain with the labor, and I had already delivered a term baby before the twins without anesthesia. But this was a totally difference experience. Having that extra arm was NOT planned for!!!

My twins are now 5 years old and are a real treat. They required no intensive care and were home within 2 weeks of delivery. For all of the worry that I did during the pregnancy, my doctor said that they were almost equal to term babies except for size. I am very fortunate that all was well and they are healthy, normal little boys.