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Monday, 08 June 2009 10:50

My hubby and I had been married for about 4 years when I found out I was pregnant in the summer of 2002.  I was ready and excited!  They gave me an April 4th due date, but said I could be a week earlier (March 26th).  At first, I was really sick and lost weight, going a little into the 2nd trimester with the illness, but I kept my sanity by remembering that it was normal with all of the hormone changes.  Once I got on into the 2nd trimester, I started feeling really good, and looking forward to the Baby Belly I thought was so cute.  I never got it, though!  I guess because I'm tall (5' 9 1/2") the baby had more room to "hide" and I ended up looking thick in the middle at best.  I loved feeling her move and imagining what she was going to look like! 

On March 14, 2003, I had a checkup at my doctor's and they told me I wasn't dilated or effaced or anything.  The nurse practitioner said, "Well, I'll see you next Thursday!"  The very next Monday (March 18), I went to work like normal and went to a Bible study group at my church that evening.  I felt great and had a lot of enegry!  After I got home from that, I fell asleep on the couch at about 9:30PM.  I woke up at 11:30PM to a gentle "pop" feeling, and thought, 'I didn't have to pee....'  When I realized it was probably my water breaking, I really woke up!  I went into the bathroom to check it out, and then called the hospital.  The person who answered the phone said she thought it was my mucous plug - to which I replied, "There is no mucous....this is the consistency of water."  Despite what I said, she kept repeating that it probably WAS my mucous plug and that I didn't have to come in right then - that I could go back to sleep and get up in the morning and see how I was feeling.  I found this odd and finished packing my bag for the hospital. 

Once I was ready, I went to wake up my husband, and as I walked up to him I noticed he was writhing in pain and moaning!  ??  He went to the bathroom with what I thought was just a "poo-poo" tummyache....it turned out to be food poisoning!  Something bad that he ate during the day at work!!   =:O   He threw some things into his bag and we drove up the road.  I, feeling fine, asked him if he wanted me to drive.  He glared at me and shook his head.   :D   Hee hee. 

It only took about 15 minutes to get to our hospital, and when the nurse checked me she said, "Oh yes, your water's broken, you're about 4cm, and we're keeping you!"  (So, to the dope who answered the phone:  See there?  I told ya!)  This was at 2:30AM on Tuesday, March 19th.  Hubby called his parents, who live in the same town, and I called my parents, who live 3 hours away, to let them know that a new family member was on the horizon!  I got an IV with a fluid bag as well as some antibiotics (since my strep B test hadn't come back, they were going to treat me like I was positive for that), and my hubby got a Phenergan prescription for his nausea.   ;>  

After a little while, my contractions changed immediately from mild cramps to something akin to a lightning bolt across my pelvic area!  I thought, "What the heck?!?!" and after a couple more it hit me....  I looked up at my IV pole and there were THREE bags.  'Wait....they only told me they were giving me the fluid and the antibiotic....'  In a couple of minutes a nurse came in and asked me in a chipper voice how everything was going.  I'm not gonna lie -- I totally bit her head off and confronted her on the fact that *I KNEW* they had slipped me Pitocin - without telling me - for no apparent reason!  Yell  She got the deer-in-headlights look and her ONLY comment to me was, "Well, we can't get anything by you, can we...."  I replied, "No, you most certainly CAN NOT."  [In retrospect... I'd have told her to remove the med immediately, demanded to see the highest member of management, and ripped all of them new a-holes; with the sick hubby and just the excitement of the baby coming, it really didn't cross my mind at the time.] 

I went through a while of the Pitocin contractions, and reluctantly decided to have an epidural although I had really wanted to try a drug-free birth.  However, at the time, I was kinda alone with the poor hubby curled up on a litte cot next to my bed, my parents on the way, and my in-laws totally stinking at being "support people".  The contractions had gotten really distracting and I was mentally thrown off by the fact that they DUPED me, man!  I didn't like GETTING the epidural, although once it started working I'll admit it was nice to not have to worry about those stupid med-induced contractions. 

Now, every time they checked, I was dilated 1cm further than I had been, which was good, but my parents hadn't showed up and they had plenty of time to arrive.  The last check, which was around 8AM, I was at 9cm and there was STILL no word from them!  My poor, sick hubby came over to my bed and sweetly asked how I was doing and if I needed anything.  I told him that every. single. one. of them had better get on the phone and find my parents RIGHT THEN and tell them to get there RIGHT THEN; yes, I used a few choice words as well.  Someone got a hold of my parents and they were very close by.  My father-in-law went to meet them in his car and bring them to the hospital (because they didn't know where it was, and they could just follow him). 

My parents arrived and were in the room for maybe 15 minutes when the head nurse told everyone that they had to clear out because it was time to push!  Out they all went.  In a couple of minutes, my husband asked me if I wanted anyone else in the room - I could have 2 people and the whole time had said that I just wanted my hubby in the room.  Considering the circumstances, I changed my mind at the last minute and said that I wanted my mom in with us, too!  This actually ended up great because she took some great pictures that we wouldn't have had if it'd just been hubby and me. 

In less than 30 minutes, after about 6 pushes, Anna Kathryn joined the world on March 19th 2003 at 8:56AM weighing 7 lbs. and at 19" long.  She was so beautiful, and I couldn't wait to hold her!  She was the sweetest baby and has grown into a wonderfully precious 6-year-old.  We are awaiting her baby sister to join our family at the end of July 2009!  And yes, I have signs ready to tape up in the hospital room that say, "NO MEDICATION WITHOUT MY CONSENT FIRST!" - a special one to go on my IV pole.  Laughing

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