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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 20:39

When I found out I was being induced I looked all over the web trying to find an induction story that didn't scare me. Unfortunately they were few and far between. I was terrified that it would be extremely painful and end in C-section. So I want expecting Moms to hear a story of a good labor induction experience!

My whole pregnancy went by so fast with no complications. At 28 weeks we knew he was going to be a big baby! Once I got to those last few weeks I was so uncomfortable and so ready for it to be over with. At 37 weeks I started having contractions that were about 45 minutes apart. The next day I was still having them but they were getting closer together and more painful. Finally they got to about 5 minutes apart so my husband and I went to Labor and Deliivery. When we got there I was about 1.5cm dilated. They nurse called my Dr. she suggested I walk around they floor and try to get things moving. So I got to about 3 cm my Dr. came in and checked me out. She said I was definiately in labor and they started an IV. Well about 2 hours later I stayed at 3 cm and the contractions started fading away so they sent me home. Being sent home after you think this is the real thing is so disapointing! About a week later I was still having contractions off an on. One night while I was in the shower I thought my water broke and contractions got pretty strong so we went back in. Yet another false alarm. At my doctors appt. that week she said that if I hadn't had him the next week she would induce. A week goes by no baby, and no induction. She decided to wait another week. I was so angry and frustrated. I understood that she was doing what she thought was best for the baby. I just wish she wouldn't have said anything before. Finally the next week she scheduled the induction 4 days after my DD. I went in Tuesday morning at 4:30. I was so nervous. When I got there I was 3 cm, 80% effaced, and at about -1 station. They started the Pit drip at 7am. The contractions got closer together but they weren't unbearable. I was actually feeling pretty good and handling them really well. They upped the Pitocin and it was stilll bearable. Around noon my Dr. came in and I was at 4cm so she decided to break my water. That is when I started feeling the pain. It was really intense! I got up to pee and it was like a flood. I was so embarrased! lol. I was trying so hard to have a non medicated birth but the contractions hurt so bad! I asked the nurse for Stadol. About 2 seconds after they injected it into my IV I was way out of it, but I could still feel the intense pain. After 2 doses of that I finally couldn't take anymore and got the epidural. I was at 7 cm when I got the epi. Let me tell you they epidural is not as bad as it seems at all! I felt a pinch and then I didn't feel any pain! It was amazing! haha. After the epidural the baby's heart rate started slowing down with each contraction. So they gave me oxygen and made me lay on my side. I was pretty out of it til around 8 when I started feeling alot of pressure and wanted to push. So I told my husband to get the nurses in because it was time. I tried pushing once but didn't have enough feeling yet. About 10 minutes later I started feeling even more pressure. My Dr. came in the nurses and I was completely dilated and about a +1 station. Pushing felt very good and I was really uncomfotable in between pushes. At first I just felt alot of pressure. I also was falling asleep in between pushing. I remember starting to push and I rememeber pushing him out. And let me tell ya I felt all of the end part, but quickly forgot all about the pain once he was out. After he started crowning I didn't rest between pushes. I kept going until he was out. After 13 hours my little boy was finally here! He was 19.5 inches and weighed 8lbs and 14oz! It was a very good expeirence, and I hope this eases the minds of moms who are waiting for an induction!

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