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Friday, 10 April 2009 03:37

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I found out January 12, 2007 that I was pregnant. My due date was October 24, 2007. I was scared and extremely excited at the very same time. The baby's father and I had just recently started seeing each other, though we had been friends for what seemed like forever.

I was terrified of morning sickness... I hate getting sick. I was nauseous for maybe three days, but that was the extent of it!!! Like I said, it was a breeze... till about 6 1/2 months along. I work midnights at a prison, and one night, while sitting in a housing unit, I started getting cramps that ran all the way across my belly. At first I thought nothing of it, it was just uncomfortable. But they didn't go away. One of our nurses happened to come into the unit and I asked her about the pains I was having. She told me that I might be having braxton hicks contractions or it may be the real thing. (Which I doubted cause I was only 26wks pregnant). I called my Captain and went to the emergency room just to be sure.

When I got to the ER, I was (of course) sent to L&D to get checked out. They did an internal exam (which hurt SO bad) and told me that I wasn't dialated or effaced and hooked me up to the monitors. I was registering contractions that peaked at around 40. Turns out, I was dehydrated which caused the contractions. I was hooked up to an IV for two hours... froze my rearend off!!!

At 7 months along I was back in the ER with contractions. This time with a UTI. I remember my doctor laughingly say, "She is in a hurry to get out isn't she?" Apparently!!! At 8 months, it was the same thing... but this time, I was having very irregular contractions. I was given a shot to stop them and sent on my way.

On September 25, 2007, I went to my doctor's office for my 36wk visit. My doctor was a bit concerned because my blood pressure was 160/90. She waited 10min and took it again. It was 170/100. She told me that she was going to hook me up to a Non-Stress Test to test my daughter's movement and such. One of the nurses gave me a button and told me to push it whenever I felt my daughter move... 30 minutes passed when the nurse came in and asked if I'd been pushing the button. I told her no, because I hadn't felt her move. She then asked me if I was feeling the contractions that I was having. Again I told her no. Another 30 minutes passed and I still hadn't felt her move. My doctor sent me around the corner to the hospital to get an ultrasound to see if my daughter was okay. At that point I started to get pretty worried. I'd been feeling her prior to my visit, but the concern in my doctor's voice scared me. I called my parents and my boyfriend (now fiancee) and told them what was going on. Mom and Dad met me at the hospital right before I was called back for the ultrasound, but my boyfriend was at work and wouldn't get off for a few more hours. I told him I'd call him when I found anything else out.

During the ultrasound, I was watching the tech's face for any signs of something wrong. Her forehead crinkled a bit and I asked what was wrong. She told me that the fluid was good, but she wasn't moving or attempting to breathe (her diaphram wasn't moving). She told me she'd send the results to my doctor, so my parent's and I headed back to the office. We waited for what seemed like forever (maybe 10 minutes) before being called back to discuss the results. My doctor told me that she was going to admitt me to the hospital for the night to observe the baby and if she didn't improve by morning, we would have to induce. Then we discussed the complications that could come from a baby born at 36wks.

I got settled in, as best I could, into my room that would eventually be the room I met my daughter in. I called my boyfriend and told him I was being admitted and he got the the hospital about 2 hours later. I ate a half-way decent dinner and tried my best to sleep. My daughter kicked the daylights out of me all night. I had contractions that were registering at 70. Nurses kept coming in and asking me if I felt them, but I didn't really. It was more like tightening than pain. Everytime I fell asleep, a nurse would come in and wake me up for vitals or to change the position of the monitor. My parents came back to the hospital around 8am. At 9am I went for another ultrasound. Again, she wasn't moving or attempting to breathe. My doctor came in around 10am and told me she wanted to induce me. I was terrified. She told me I didn't have to, if I didn't want to. Then she told me that I basically had two choices: get induced and risk having a baby with under-developed lungs OR wait to see if I go into labor naturally and risk not having a baby at all. Needless to say, I opted for induction. They let me eat lunch first and started the pitocin drip at 12:12pm.

When the nurse was hooking up my IV I asked her if being induced was worse than natural labor. SHE LAUGHED and said she wasn't going to lie to me: IT WAS TEN TIMES WORSE!!! I didn't feel my first contraction until about 2pm. It wasn't much, just a slight cramp and tightening. I was checked at 4pm, I was only 2cm dialated and 50% effaced and they broke my water: CAN YOU SAY DISGUSTING!!!! At 6pm I was beginning to hurt- Really bad!!! I was checked again at 6:20pm and was still on 2cm!!! By 9pm I thought I was gonna die!!! They checked me and I was only 3cm!!! WHAT???? I had told myself that I was NOT going to  use pain meds or get an epidural. I wanted as natural a birth as possible. HA!! By 11pm I was asking for drugs!! I was given a shot of Nubain in my IV. Mom said as soon as it was in, I started trying to shake my left hand off and kept mumbling something about it not supposed to be there. At this point I was in so much pain that everything was groggy. The Nubain didn't do a thing (besides make me loopy). The nurse checked me soon after and I was only 4cm. She told me I could get an epidural now if I wanted, but I refused. I tried to sleep between contractions, but it was so hard. I had my eyes closed most of the time, it helped to just try to focus on the contraction. I remember literally crying for my mom once and opened my eyes to see her standing beside me crying herself. I never made a sound, didn't scream or anything, just groaned on the inside. Around 2am my mom convinced me to get the epidural. At 2:10am, I hunched over my mother, clenching through a contraction while the epidural was being put in. THAT HURT!!! but the relief was heavenly!!! At 2:30am I was completely numb from the waist down. I would watch my belly rise with a contraction, but felt nothing!!! I was finally able to sleep!

At 3:45am I woke up and told my mom that I felt like I "had to poop!" My boyfriend ran out of the room to find a nurse. The nurse came in and checked me and my daughter was crowning!!! In a little over and hour I'd gone from 4cm (yes, still 4cm after 3hours) to crowning!!! She told me, "whatever you do, don't push!!" and called my doctor. I just sort of laid there. My mom and dad were getting ready for the show, my boyfriend started pacing beside me and I just laid there!!! I was painless, I didn't care! My doctor walked in at 4:15am. I pushed three times and my daughter Kayla Renea Speedy was born at 4:26am. The minute her head was out she was screaming. Her lungs were fine!! At 4wks early, she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz (can you imagine how big she'd have been if she was full term!!) and she was 19 3/4 inches long. My doctor immediately put her on my chest and my boyfriend (a bit woozy from seeing the birth) cut her cord. She was beautiful, even covered in all that gunk, she was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. We stayed the normal 48 hours and went home.

She is now 18 months old and is going to be a big sister in about 16wks. I am expecting my 2nd daughter (Trinity Jade). Kayla is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. She's a character all her own!! Got a personality that would blow your mind. And she is thrilled to be a big sister. She will raise my shirt, kiss my belly and say "where's sissy?" She talks really well for 18mo!! I apologize for the length, but I'm a talker. Good luck to all of you who are expecting. It is the most amazing experience. And the best gift God could ever give you!!!

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