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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 11:17
My name is Shannon, I am 25 years old this was my second baby- I also have a 6 year old daughter. With my first birth I had to have pitocin to augment (speed up)my labor because it wasn't getting anywhere. This time my doctor was going to go on vacation the day after my due date and asked if I wanted to be induced. I refused- I wanted to go the least invasive route possible. I dont like drugs if they are not necessary- your body knows what to do.

I spent most of this pregnancy looking up everything on the internet, reading up on different birthing methods, reading birth stories and pregnancy magazines. Since it was 6 years since my last baby I found tons of new things on labor and delivery. I had no pain medication with my last baby and decided that this time I wanted a more comfortable birth and decided to take the pain drugs whenever possible! Hay, why not enjoy the experience a little?

So my due date came and went and my regular doctor went on vacation- I was set up with a fill- in doctor who I did not get along with at all. She wanted to induce me from the second I walked into her office. So I put her off as long as I could. She scheduled me for a non-stress test and a fluid check (to see how much amniotic fluid was in there) when I was 10 days overdue. I told my husband to stay home and sleep since I had to be there at 6am. I thought that I was going to be coming home in a few hours. When they did the non- stress test everything was fine but the fluid check showed very low fluid that couldnt even be measured on the ultrasound.

When the doctor came in she said that I had to stay- I couldnt even go home to get my stuff. I quickly called my husband and told him he better get up and get over there because they were already starting the pitocin. (Originally this doctor wanted to induce me with Cytotec- a drug that is inserted vaginally to ripen the cervix. If any doctor wants to administer this drug to you REFUSE IT!!! Then look it up on the internet and you will see why.)

They started my pitocin at 8:30am, my mother and husband got there around 10:00. I was only having light contractions that didnt hurt, just tightening. At around 12:30 they finally let me out of bed to walk for a while- laying in bed wasnt doing any good but they had to monitor me for a while. I walked down the hall for a little ways but then had to pee so I went back to the room. Right after I peed the contractions started in harder, must have been the moving around and then emptying my bladder.

When I was on the toilet there was this moving then clunking feeling of the baby moving into place- I never felt that before. At about 1:30 the nurse checked me I was at 2cm but my contractions were about 30 seconds apart. At around 2:30 the contractions were bad enough where I didnt want to talk when I had them and couldnt rest between because they were intense and close together. I was checked and was at 3cm, when the nurse was done checking me my water started to trickle- it was clear fluid. I had to go to the bathroom again and when I got in there I found out that it felt really good to just sit on the toilet during a contraction. It made them more bearable and I could tell they were more productive. I sat there for about 10 minutes then they made me get into bed again to check me- I was at 5 cm!

Being in bed was MISERABLE so I asked for something for the pain. They gave me something in the IV that made me really groggy between contractions but I could still feel everything. That was not what I wanted and I insisted on going back on the toilet. I sat on the toilet for another 10 minutes or so and the contractions were so intense I asked if I could have my intrathecal- kind of like a spinal- just a shot in the spine.

The nurse called the doctor and the doctor said I had to wait until I was 8 cm. So I sat on the toilet for 5 more minutes and told the nurse she had to check me because I was at 8cm! She didnt believe me but said she would check anyway- sure enough I was at 8cm. She called the doctor and the doctor called the anesthesiologist. When he showed up I was SO GLAD!!! The shot didnt hurt one bit and it took about 5 contractions before I didnt feel them anymore. That was at 5:20pm, I started pushing at 5:30. Being relaxed and pain free makes you dialate so fast!It felt so good to have the pain gone! When they told me I could start pushing I could hardly believe it! This was great!!! My first few pushes werent very good because I couldnt feel anything but then I got the hang of it. After a half an hour his head was crowning and he was almost there. We were all so excited and I was so glad that it didnt hurt because I felt I was participating more and could be alert.

His head came out fine but then the rest wouldnt- his shoulders were stuck! The doctor pulled on his head and had me push as hard as I could- she called for pediatrics and resesitation because she didnt think he was coming out.

But then his shoulders popped loose and he came out screaming and pooping. I had a 3rd degree tear from him being jerked out so fast- thank God I had the intrathecal and didnt feel myself tearing! Everyone was still panicking for about an hour but when they figured he was going to be ok everything calmed down.

My original doctor told me he was going to be a small baby- he was 9lb 6oz and was 22 1/2 inches long!!!!Not a small baby at all! But now he is here, and he is healthy and I would do it over again in a heartbeat!

We named him after his dad- Spencer Dale Gunderson Jr. he is the light and joy of his daddy's life, and his big sister just adores him. We are already planning on trying for another one in about a year but I will be making sure I dont go overdue again!!