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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:58
I had been sure throughout my whole pregnancy that I would not want to be induced. This was my 6th birth; I had been induced with 3 of my pregnancies, with the other 2 I labored at home until close to delivery and then delivered at the hospital. But the morning of my Dr.'s appointment at 39.2 weeks, I woke up thinking, "I want to be induced now!" I was pretty much miserable with the usual aches and pains, sciatica, and really bad varicose veins.

At my appointment, without me even asking, my doctor offered to induce me because she would be out of town for several days right around my due date. So the next night I checked in to the hospital, where the induction was started with cervidil (a medication inserted into the vagina). It "ripens" the cervix and can sometimes start labor. That was left in until 6:00am. I spent the night sleeping in between vital sign and monitor checks(fetal heart rate and contractions). Around 3:00am I started having mild cramping that felt no worse than the Braxton-Hicks I'd been having off and on since 8 months. When I was checked at 7:00am, I was 3cm dilated and 85% effaced. So the next step was Pitocin. It was started at 7:00am and gradually increased throughout the morning. I soon began having strong, regular contractions. My husband came in about 12:00pm or so; I had told him I wanted him to stay home with my 2 youngest (3yrs and 2yrs) until closer to delivery. By that time my labor pains were very strong but not unbearable, I breathed through them in a way that felt natural. I also received Nubain IV twice, but it made me nauseous and I vomited.

My labor nurses (I had three different nurses throughout my labor) were wonderful, giving me constant attention and encouragement. Finally, the nurse announced that I was 7cm dilated, 90-95% effaced. I started to feel the barest urge to push. The nurse had the doctor called, and said she would be there in 3-5 minutes. As they laid down the bed and started to prepare the bed for delivery, I became overwhelmed with the urge to push. I tried to pant through a couple pushes, but there was no stopping it- almost at once I could feel the baby's head coming through. The nurse said "It's all right" and caught the baby as she came.

She was beautiful, I saw at once that she looked like her sister. I held the baby on my abdomen as my husband exclaimed over her. In walked the doctor, she was disappointed to have missed the delivery. She had been checking on my progess frequently, she has delivered 3 of my children and she said she knew once I got going delivery would be quick. The other good thing about a quick delivery is no episiotomy! I only had a very small tear. I feel a huge difference in my recovery- I have almost no pain and swelling, unlike with all my other births with episiotomies.

Anyway, my doctor decided after looking at my baby that she was slightly overdue (despite the dates) because of the condition of her skin. She was dry and red and peeling. She did become slightly dehydrated and lost 6oz after birth. We couldn't take her home until she urinated, which she finally did after 33 hours. She's 3 days old now and doing fine. Her birth weight was 7lbs. 0.6 oz, length 19.5in., born on Mar. 3rd at 1:29pm.